Monday, May 4, 2009


California poppy from my back yard.
I`ve got some blooms opening, maybe tomorrow.
Stay tuned.
On Planet Earth, more from my yard.
Have a great dat, Please.


AndiF said...

What a bright flower. No fool's gold there. I really like the way you shot it in YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE DSCN5835 -- it sets it off wonderfully.

And I also like DSCN5912 -- it's not exactly pretty but there's something about it that's very appealing.

olivia said...

Oh ... that's amazing. So cheery. I agree w/ Andi -- love the white in YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE.

Knucklehead said...

Andi & Olivia,
Sorry, I didn`t mean to ignore you.
My whole schedule is wonky.