Monday, November 23, 2009


"Hola amigo", is how my little friend greets me on the street at my house.
He walks out there with his nanny every day.
He always asks about Coconut, since the day Coconut flew over to the nanny.
At that time he ran & hid behind a tree, but I convinced him & her, that Coconut was just introducing himself to new friends.
Today he asked me if I knew that all the blue trash cans on the street were really stinky.
He was right up to the door of the car & I asked him if I could take his picture.
Once I snapped off a quick shot, he asked to see it.
When I showed him the LCD screen with his picture, he told me, "That`s not a good picture".
What do you think?


Knucklehead said...

This links to two other pix I took today.
One of the site I`m working on, though on another area of the property.
The other is taken up at the top of my place looking down towards the tall Sycamore that`s at my deck.

AndiF said...

Definitely a good picture and definitely a cute little scoot.

And definitely you live a different world from me because if those white cushions in DSCN0320 were here, they would be grimy, wet, hair covered, chewed on by squirrels and chipmunk and then used for nests by birds.

Beth said...

What a cutie! Thanks for sharing fragments of your life with us, 'head -

NDD said...

Cute kid all right. Ya didn't say whether you agreed with his analysis of the garbage cans;)

I remember your photos of that project. The flora has sure flourished since the last photos I remember. And fun to see it "lived in" too.

And I think AndiF's nailed it. CA is definitely a "different world".

Always fun to see another sunset shot. They're definitely all unique.

Knucklehead said...

I asked, "you are talking about all the blue ones, right?
I made a disgusted face, & agreed that they were really "ougfch"rotten stinky.
It was funny that the subject just came up out of the blue.

Knucklehead said...

Here the animals live the life.
This whole area is for the animals.
I have no idea how it stays white & as clean as it does.
I get there some mornings & there`s large fish scales laying around with blood stains on the rocks, one large Koi gone & animal thrashing evidence aplenty.
It`s a jungle out here.

Knucklehead said...

Yes I have half a dozen little friends, who startle me, one as much as the other, with their innocent queries & pronouncements.
I ran into one half of a twin set the other day while he was with his dad, an old friend of mine.
I didn`t see Shen, the dad right off, but I noticed the kid looking at me, & when I turned towards him, he smiled but went off to the popsicle cooler.
I looked at him again & asked him if he had a brother.
He said yes, a twin.
I then asked him if he knew who I was & told him I was the guy with the invisible dog. He knew exactly who I was then, since he remembered having met my invisible dog about 4 years ago.
These twins, fully freckled carrot topped fearless youngsters had a terrific time chasing a dog that didn`t exist except for the evidence of it`s realness, consisting of a big pile of dog poo, & some dog tracks on the beach.
I`d asked their mom & dad if I could take them down to the beach while they were visiting the private estate I was showing them.

When Shen said yes, I said lets go guys & started whistling for a dog.
When they wondered who I was whistling for, I told them my dog, but he`s invisible.
They didn`t believe me at first but were soon convinced after my relating to them the mysteries of the evidence they could not disprove.