Sunday, November 29, 2009


From my succulent garden, these red wafers stand out in the setting light of dusk.
The linked shots are from around here today.
On Planet Earth, a "Where`s Waldo" moment.
Have a great day ahead. Please.


AndiF said...

I don't about waldo but I was kind of surprised to find chicken heads.

I loved DSCN0524. Beautiful.

Knucklehead said...

"Waldo" is my little friend I put in the crowd.

DSCN0524 is a shot of a piece of fabric I found while looking for some first issue stamps I`ve collected over the years to send to one of my brothers for christmas.
I didn`t find the stamps yet.

Nancy P said...

Now those are communion wafers I would go back to church for.

Hey, Knucks, nice to drop in and see your work. I've been immersed and am just now popping back up to the surface.