Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fall Colors

The leaves on my Sycamore tree.
Please check out little Finn on Planet Earth & the other shots behind the header.
Have a great day on this first Monday of the New Year.


AndiF said...

There's no comparison between Finn and Kiwi -- Finn may not have beautiful feathers but he's got the adorable face thing down perfectly.

The composite sunset was gorgeous.

Nancy P said...

Oh! That's glorious! 3D, nearly.

Knucklehead said...

Finn is quite special.
As a "Seer" I`ve been mentally recording ( & reporting) my observations to the appropriate authorities, his mom Haylie, & grandma Teri.

And now for once that I post a sunset that`s not a composite, you see it as such.
Thank you, I note that as a major compliment.

Knucklehead said...

Ms. Nancy,
You paint images with words, something I`ve appreciated all my life.
There is no denying the words, although the perception of the image you paint is mine.
With images, I light them, burnish them & manipulate them till my story is told, but you may see a totally different picture.
Without comparing accomplishments, I`m proud of many of my images, but more proud to have met you.
Thank you.

Nancy P said...

That's very dear, K, and I thank you a lot.

yawngie said...

Love this shot of the Fall Colours - Sorry that is the way Canucks spell it. The back lighting, contrast and colour are fantastic. Thanks.

Knucklehead said...

Believe me, it took years for me, labouring under my Canadian education, to honour the American way of spelling things.
At my place, you can spell the way you see fit.
That image was taken on my deck, a large Sycamore that provides safe harbour for many birds at different times.
The birds would include Red Tailed Hawks, Owls, Nanday Conures, Hummingbirds, Orioles, finches, Blue Jays, etc..
Road Runners Egrets & Blue Herons don`t usually perch there, although my roof is an alternate LZ.
Thank you for stopping by.
I have not seen any response to my past reference to knowledge of your home area.
Did you not see it?