Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Stewart Gibson

A new guitar is about to be unveiled to the world today.
It`s modeled after a "Canjo", a banjo made with an oilcan.
I built it with Bligh today.
To see more images of this soon to be famous CrackerBacker, click the image & check the little slide show where you can see/hear Bligh play it.
Have a nice day.


Beth said...

I learned something new today! I didn't know you could make a guitar out of something like that. And thanks for the clip - mow I know how it sounds, too! Live and learn. Thanks for sharing your fun project, 'head!

AndiF said...

Well that was my "and now for something completely different" for today.

So some banjo jokes are called for:

Q: What do you say when you see a banjo player in a 3-piece suit?
A: Will the defendant please rise.

Q: What's the most unlikely thing you can say to a banjo player?
A: Is that your Porsche?

Q: How can you tell one banjo song from another?
A: That's what banjo song titles are for.

dada said...

interesting...and with the big "tail" piece sticking out it's gotta be uncomfortable to hold. it's a bit a harsh, methinks that could use some more thought.

here's a small luthier from montreal who makes some killer CBG's: Daddy Mojo for inspiration.

Knucklehead said...

Beth, thank you.
I always like doing things like this.
Bligh had no guitar, as he`s visiting from Australia, so we just made one.
It`s not a Cadillac but it gets you there.

Knucklehead said...

Exactly, you never know what you`ll see on a White Knuckle ride.

I usually substitute an accordion for the banjo in my jokes.

Knucklehead said...

Daddy Mojo, I love those guys. That`s exactly how I talk when I`m with my 'homies'.
You must remember, this was a quick little thing to get Bligh an instrument with things at hand.
A few hours of tinkering to get an instrument that sounds good & stays in tune enough to play works for me.
Now that it didn`t pull itself apart, we can work towards refining the extremities.
But as we both know, Bligh will play it as is, instead of making it more user friendly.
Although, he did add a dog leash for a strap.
Thanks for the link also.
Hope you`re not snowed under.

Anonymous said...

Hey KH!

Monday morning: I'm still around. We're in Las Vegas for the week-end, returning to Imperial Dam tomorrow, where we left the rig.
It's actually a business trip, the business side being A's birthday (the big 60!).

The Crackerbacker is quite fascinating. Liked the video clip too.

Hope Teri is recovering well.

I still regularly visit you on the blog and it's always rewarding.

Keep well.