Monday, January 18, 2010


A few shots I took today while checking my project sites in preparation for some major rainstorms that are rolling through here for the whole week.


AndiF said...

That shot has everything -- the colorful fish, the bright leaves, the composition, the highly defined water droplets (I also like the close-up of a leaf).

Hope the storms don't cause any damage to your sites.

Knucklehead said...

You know when you create your own image base, you can`t really complain about not taking nice shots.
I`ve pretty much created a photographers` dream.
Without breaking my arm patting myself on the back, I find it so easy to shoot at the pond.
It`s probably that you would rarely see me in a public setting shooting pix.
You`d be surprised at how few people in my extended area have any clue about some of the things I do. It`s by design I think.
I prefer my private secrets yet cultivate the public aloof persona that most know me by.
Crazy Tony, the parrot loving pirate biker from the fringes of the establishment.
Yet I`m absolutely no different from an animal loving, peace wishing, DFH, who keeps reefs & takes pictures.

As you can see from these shots, my projects are handling the storms, thank you.
When the storms are over, I`ll be going up the creek origin & do a post.
I may not even wait.
The storms should make it an awesome hike, though I think bringing someone along would be a good idea, for safety reasons.