Tuesday, January 19, 2010


For those of you that are seasonally, greenery impaired, I`m posting some of the tropical looking plants on the Pond
Project grounds.
There are more beyond this.
I`m posting a little something for Boran2 on Planet Earth made from the same blossom pod as "Garden Fairy" & a kisser made from Olivia`s tulips.

One more thing, I went to see Avatar with Teri`s dad last Fri.
We saw it in 3D +
I ate some of my specialty herbal goodies while he went with the smokable 4th dimension.
Having not been to a movie theater in 15 years, I`m glad I chose this movie to break my cinematic fast.
Total mind blow.
As a big fan of 3D in photography, I was intrigued with seeing it in 3D.
I`ve never been to any movie twice, but tomorrow I`m taking Teri.
And I can`t wait.
Fabulous movie.
I`ll send "goodies" to any one who wants to go see it in 4D.


Knucklehead said...

BTW Boran2,
I brushed in a little color to change the "Garden Fairy", to "Garden Seductress", which you can see by clicking on the image on Planet Earth.

AndiF said...

That was really fun, seeing how you put the composite together.

Being a lover of lines and edges, the pond fronds set was particularly appealing and, not surprisingly, DSCN4280 was my favorite.

Knucklehead said...

Which one?

The one you call favorite, I should shoot with something next to it for scale.
Those leaves are huge.
They are from an "Elephant Ear" plant.
That should give you a clue.