Monday, July 16, 2007


As you know, Tues.`s post is dedicated to the ladies.
Tonight we honor Ms. NDD, a lover of all things "Clown".
This Clownfish, Amphriprion ocellaris Cuvier,1830 is sometimes called a False Percula.
It will easily form a relationship with most anemones, but it is not a requirement for it.
It usually will find a spot beneath a coral head, & use that area as a headquarters, so to speak.
A docile fish, it is very clownish in it`s behavior, but that has nothing to do with nomenclature.
In this image, it is displaying unusual behavior, different from it`s normal routine.
It usually hangs out at the Green Bubble coral & I immediately noticed the change. Most problems in a reef are noticed intuitively. Just walking by, I can tell if something is different, & always investigate for the cause.
In this instance, the Clownfish was fine, it`s just that never, over the years, had I seen it taking a bath in the Green Torch.
I picked up a camera & started shooting. This is one image, of a few dozen I was able to take, & until he revisits that coral, I may never again have the opportunity .
Hopefully, this image will be one, that tonight`s honoree, Ms NDD, will be pleased with.
On another note, I will be putting a link in the comments, that will take you to "The Bowling Shirt".
Also, I have a clickable thumbnail on the right, showing a baby bird in it`s nest.
I will be periodically updating the little chick`s progress, but there will be a "Planet Earth" image otherwise.
The image in the Header, is also clickable.
Thank you, Ms NDD.


NDD said...

Ms NDD and I were surfing some tonight and checked your site. What a surprise! - NDD

Ms NDD, "Thanks for the honor KNUCKLEHEAD. It's an awesome picture. Thanks for sharing the Clownfish's special moment."

Knucklehead said...

Ms. NDD,
Thank you,
What a perfect day.
You, the special person of the day, are the opening commenter.
It`s just perfect.
I sure hope sending in the clown for you, was the appropriate choice.
I also put up a little thumbnail at "Planet Earth".

Knucklehead said...

Prospects for the thrill of winning the bowling shirt, may get a thrill, just looking at it. Oliver Cromwell is the official model for this rare piece of history.

AndiF said...

Well how about that -- I found Nemo. Maybe they'll make a movie about me (which can be used to solve FM's insomnia).

These guys really are the cute overload of fish.

olivia said...

Morning Head ... Beautiful and colourful ... unlike Oliver's bowling shirt :-) ... hehe

Hello NDD and Ms NDD and Andi.

Oh, I like the Planet Earth series over there --> Neato!

Nancy P said...

Hmm, I think maybe it's the massage room at the Coral Reef Spa.

Man Eegee said...

Good morning everybody! I wonder if the Coral Reef Spa takes swim-ins?

Knucklehead said...

Just don`t flush him.
This is no reflection on you, but "NEMO", was a horrible movie for the poor little fish.
Many unscrupulous fish store owners had "get your own Nemo here" sales &, countless of these were sold with a bag of salt & a little tank, not fit for any fish.
The perception that you could then flush it down & that it would have it`s own adventure was so ill advised as to be criminal. 99% of these fish had no chance of survival, & I attribute this to the store owners for the most part.
Any fish store that is seen to have bad husbandry practices, is quickly reported in some of the websites dedicated to the welfare of our Marine charges. It`s akin to "puppy mills".
Now that I`m done raving, I have a script you might want to look at. As one of the main characters, you, as a sleep deprived lady, wander the streets at night & joining up with other insomniacs, end up in Seattle.
Yes AndiF, these fish, no, all fish, have individual character, that one gets to learn about more & more.
If you changed this fish, with another one, without telling me, I would notice immediatel.
It`s like a mother with triplets. I could never tell them apart, but "Mommy" knows.
Thanks Andi.

Knucklehead said...

Yes Manny,
They do but it`ll cost you a "Fin".
Feeling better, eh Manny!!

Knucklehead said...

I actually have an image from this series called "Green Waterbed Massage".
This coral is called a "Branching Torch".
It`s coral skeleton looks like a massive old oak tree.
This coral like most, can be trimmed & propagated.
It is not necessarily always this particular color.
The color represents the small organisms in the coral, though not part of the coral itself, whom`s mission, is to convert the food ingested by the coral, into energy, through photosythesis.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks Olivia,
I had about 780 images to choose from in a Clownfish folder.
This one seemed to represent "Relax" very well.
Oliver has been dead for years.
I think I have an image of him when he was found, at this link.
I believe the bowling shirt will be going "on tour" with the current holders of "The Traveling Ball Handlers" trophy, a proffessional touring bowling team, called The Sore Thumbs.
Yes, please, do visit our Planet Earth, everyone.

Man Eegee said...

hi knucklehead, feeling much better thanks. just an fyi, the photo in your masthead is set to private with flickr. love all your shots! paz

Knucklehead said...

Thank you Manny
It`s now fixed to allow viewing.
I have to remember to change the setting once I post it.
Hiding it till I post the image, prevents anyone from abusing the system by viewing the image, & claiming "THE BOWLING SHIRT".

Knucklehead said...

I forgot to add the link to OLLIE CROMMEY.

boran2 said...

Another great shot, knucklehead. Your lighting is wonderful.

Like AndiF, my first thought was Nemo.

Knucklehead said...

Thank you Boran2
The lighting in this shot is an amalgam of different systems.
The lights in the tank canopy consist of two Metal Halide 175 Watt bulbs on magnetic ballasts, two daylight actinics 68/72[?] watts, two superblue actinics, [same approx. power].
Now mix this up with a controlled, remote flash unit. &, ambient light, & there you have it.
It takes a while, but once you "get it", you`re on easy street.
The rest, shooting the presentable image, is always up to the fish.