Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I`ve built up a few ponds over the years, & this one is so close to my place that I do try to visit as often as possible.
On the box to the right on the front page, you should be able to go view more images of this beautiful spot.
Once I started loading images, I found the pond might offer more insight into how our Planet Earth is a collection of remarkable
& diverse little places, by adding images from a previous visit.
Enjoy your day at the pond.
Please, feel free to ask questions, or give out your knowledge, on the subject of ponds or anything else for that matter.
I am not well versed in how these "blogs" work but linking from Planet Earth, should allow you to see the set of images called A Day At The Pond.
The spirit mask is facing directly towards the sky as a warning to overflying birds to not come here & eat Choi.


Nancy P said...

kh, it sounds as if your ponds don't require much attention now. Is that the case? Or do you need to do a lot of upkeep on them now and then?

What a lovely spot. You're an earth and water artist.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
Once the balance is established in the pond, you`d be surprised at how much time you can spend on just enjoying it.
Compare it to a pond you might come upon in the wild. Nobody comes to maintain it.
Once you start putting additives & the newest product [ new & enhanced] into your pond, you are assured of having to spend frustrating hours trying to make it better than the one pictured in the advertisement. The most beautiful ponds are the ones where the upkeep is undertaken by it`s inhabitants.
One must remember that a pond supply store can only stay in business if it can sell you most of what you don`t need.
Some ponds I set up three years ago, don`t get fed any other food than what is in the pond.
A pond is like a woodland meadow, when you see one, you just enjoy it, you can`t help yourself.
Please don`t forget to have a nice day.
I`ll show you some of my waterfalls soon.

Nancy P said...

Very interesting and useful. Thanks, kh.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
You are welcome.

Man Eegee said...

the slideshow was a wonderful treat. i especially loved the purple bloom making its way through the water to the surface.

olivia said...


The most beautiful ponds are the ones where the upkeep is undertaken by it`s inhabitants.

dada said...

very nice head...esp the slide show in the sidebar

a nice place to spend some time

is the the pond your were working on in venice a while back?


dada said...

...is that the pond...

preview is my friend...ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Knucklehead said...

Nice of you to highlight my feelings.
Did you go look at the show. The turtles in this pond look like they just had a "shellicure". The one pictured rushes out of the pond to greet you as soon as she hears you or sees you coming.

Knucklehead said...

No this is a different one.
This is in Malibu, on Point Dume.
If you notice in any previous or future images, Oh Iknow, in my sunset images. You`ll see point Dume as a flat topped point. It was flattened for an observation post looking out for Japanese in the past world war.
Shortly you`ll hear me ohmmmmmmmming in your inbox about some one who couldn`t.
Ohmmmmm sweet ohmmmmmmm.

boran2 said...

The photo reminds me of Monet with its reflections of the abundant flora and fauna. Very nice work.

Knucklehead said...

Thank you Boran,
You might want to go see some impressionist works, by clicking the mask at "Planet Earth" & look at the slide show, "One Day at the Pond", if you haven`t already.
I always try & have a little side show, this one expands the mental image with smells, sights & sounds.
Any time you come over, there`s always a little something extra, you can go take a peek.., hell, you`re already in the house.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Damn cool stuff there K-Head! We'd like to have a pond someday, but with 3 dogs currently, probably not a good idea ... but that won't stop me from admiring yours.

You're doing some real inventive stuff around here ... love it!

Knucklehead said...

Thank you very much. I`d love to have a few dogs.
I`ve had terrific dogs most of my life but none in 15 years. I miss having one or two dogs, but I have Coconut.