Thursday, July 12, 2007


After a long day fishing, this hideaway, viewed surreptitiously from a sea cave, seems the perfect shelter.
This vantage point is on the beach where we saw the lobster boat earlier. Soon a setting sun should complete this day at the beach.


NDD said...

Excellent use of perspective! And what a great variety of elements the details of which would entertain my eye for quite some time. I'd be tempted to try a print at 8x10, or 11x14 and see what else show up then.

I think the guy on the lower left needs a shave... however it does look like the stubble a french pirate would have.

Knucklehead said...

Hey NDD,
First, you did see the lifetime achievement awards, correct.
This award is for the blogless souls that wander virtually. You are in good company.
I have been in this cave many times. The beard stubble you mention is a very sharp coat of muscles. Hah musculs as Popeye is wont to say.
The tide pools, at the entrance, accentuated by the drip drip of the draining ocean, are filled with large starfish & innumerable anemones.
At high tide & with a large swell, being caught in this cave would mean certain death. As the wave enters the cave, it builds up to the top of the entrance faster than it reaches the back. The trapped air in it resounds with a thunderous boom, louder than the crashing waves. Once the tide recedes, the cave floor has been recarpeted with a nice sandy colored Berber. It is only at this time that one can traverse, from one side of the cave, to the equally stunning beach on the other.

Knucklehead said...

As far as some caves along the ocean go, eventually the top of this cave will be blown out, resulting in it`s total collapse, or until then, become a blowhole.
These blowholes are also quite dangerous. As the water is forced into a smaller space as the cave size lessens into it`s interior, the water, under tremendous pressure, blows out the hole at a high velocity. One called LA BUFADORA In Mexico can be seen here.

NDD said...

I took a look at that LA BUFADORA at the link you provided. Looks like quite the tourist attraction.

I wasn't aware of blowholes, other than those on the whales. They'd make great photo ops I'd think.

Knucklehead said...

I haven`t been to the link, but I have been to that blowhole.
I took a side trip to see it but now that you mention it, there were a number of people there. On the way back to a more beaten path, I ended up , with a girlfriend, at a large private community. Not knowing where we were, & having the run of the place, we realized that we were being mistaken for people who belonged there. We took full advantage of the amenities until, while chowing down on the sumptuous buffet, we were asked for our membership cards.
That`s when I become the unilingual frenchman, who is absolutely horrified that they had apparently led me on. In an incomprehensible diatribe filled with curses, only a French Canadian compatriot, would be proud of, we left. A great time, full stomaches & a good memory of another good trip.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

I'll skip the kudos on the shot, they'll get tiresome if I trot them out all the time.

I'd love to hang out in that cave until the water got too close ... still not gonna touch the rum again though.

I could make a snarky remark about NDD and blowholes, but I'll refrain myself. hehe

Knucklehead said...

I do sometimes feel very uneasy being inside that cave.
It could collapse at anytime. One day looking down the beach towards the caves, they were not in the line of sight, as usual. A large part of the palisade had tumbled down from the face & blocked the normal view. It took a few months for the tides to create the impression that it had never happened.

Family Man said...

Very nice shot Head. I can understand you being uneasy if it could collapse at any time. It is beautiful inside there though.

Knucklehead said...

I used to bring people to the cave & tell them I wanted to tke a shot of them in the cave from outside the cave. When I thought at one point, that if it did crash down & bury them, it might seem incriminating, so I haven`t brought anybody there for the express purpose of seeing them die anymore, not that that ever was my intention. I just had an erie feeling.

AndiF said...

Great framing. I love the feeling of intimacy it gives.

If I'm ever out there, I'd want to go stand in it, imminent collapse notwithstanding.

But what a disappointment -- you all get us primed over at olivia's for rude, crude, and lewd remarks about ndd and then ... nada.

Catharine said...

Hi knucklehead,

This is a lovely blog, I'm so glad you started it. Thank you for sharing your lovely and dramatic and terrifying photographs with us.

I love the concept of an honor roll for friends without blogs. Did you copyright it?


Nancy P said...

Morning, knucklehead. This wonderful photo gives me the same feeling that those photo "illusions" do, like the one that is a vase one moment and two profiles the next. It goes in and out. In the case of the photo, one moment I feel as if I'm inside a cave looking out, the next moment I feel as if I'm outside, looking at a break in a rock wall.

Knucklehead said...

Yes, the cave`s entrances do lure you to enter. There are numerous small openings in the sides of this promontory, that one must stoop down to enter.
After a few ducks & turns it opens up into a huge cathederal with a large opening to the sea.
Once inside the main sanctuary, you can see that the fragile behemoth is supported on the ocean side, only by a number of stout buttresslike legs.
As far as the talk of NDD, I`m in the same position as you, & hopefully [hint hint] IVG will clue in the masses.

Knucklehead said...

Thank you,
To borrow your phrase "lovely & dramatic & terrifying", I`ll now refer to any future postings of that nature, as LDT`s.
That one should be copyrighted maybe.
As for the honorees in the Lifetime Achievement Awards section, I think that those mentioned, & many that yet aren`t, do deserve, as special a mention, as do, The Usual Suspects.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
Yes, that is a good metaphor for all of us who are sometimes in a "cave", trapped it seems, until we get a glimpse of the outside world. We may then exit through the break the glimpse becomes, with the advantage of regaining it`s santuary at will. We may then regard beauty from within or without.

Nancy P said...

Interesting you'd say it that way, kh, because I just got back from my first visit to the amazing new wing of our local art museum and it gives exactly that experience--you get to see art "from within or without." The outside is inside the building and the building is inside the outside.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy p,
Yes, it`s all about perspective.