Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pirates lair

Welcome all ye who enter here.
No Bogarting,
Show respect with
A: A smile.
B: The secret handshake. [you know it already, or you wouldn`t be here.]
C: A knowing nod. [subtle]
D: A demur wave. [ shy young ladies, like the "demur" thing.]
That`s it.
No harm will come to those who show respect to all.


Family Man said...

Hey I'm the first. Woo Hoo!

Nice looking site head.

Knucklehead said...

Someone had to be, why not you.
I`ll frame it like those dollar bills you see on the wall at "Mom & "Pop stores.

Family Man said...

When you get a chance you can go to It keeps count of visits and it has a neat world map to see from what areas of the world people are viewing your site.

Family Man said...

I lost some on that one. You can go to

Family Man said...

OK I'm doing something wrong, but the site is called sitemeter.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

YO HO HO, but no bottle of rum for me, Head! I gave it up 30 years ago in a cave (no kidding). Good to see you joining our little blog-village and look forward to seeing more of your ├╝ber-cool photos!

I never bogart.
I forgot the secret handshake.
And I'm always respectful, except for those who clearly don't deserve it!
But Knucklehead will never fall into that category, jamais!

Unfortunately that last list grows larger the longer the Shrub is around, lol.

Great suggestion FM, I wish I had put on Sitemeter sooner... I just got it up and running about a month ago. You should do it too, Head... if you have any probs w/it, just email me and I'll help out.

Knucklehead said...

Did you notice you were in "The Usual Suspects" list. I hope you don`t mind.
If you see any 'bush' here, take care of it. You can put it in a pipe & smoke it, or you can hit it with a larger pipe & rid humanity of it, you`ll know what to do I`m sure.
I`ll take FM`s & your suggestion shortly.
Thanks for dropping in mon ami.