Thursday, July 12, 2007


Sometimes, a shot that is not entirely attractive, because it`s not in good focus, can be salvaged by creating an oil canvas for it.
lobster boat painting 5409


NDD said...

Hmmmm, now that's a new idea!

That turned out looking great, and I'm betting I have some that could make use of that technique.

I had noticed that some worked well on postcard size too, but didn't survive attempts at 8X10or12.

Family Man said...

Morning Head.

Great picture. I've done that before with the oil canvass. I also like to use black pencil on my picture program.

The site is looking good!

olivia said...

That's a great idea Head!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Boats are cool. Ones that bring you tasty stuff to eat are even cooler.

Love to look at them, afeared to be on one. This landlubber never learned how to swim. And too old now.

Now get the pot to boiling and I'll be over for the feast....

Knucklehead said...

God, do I remember the feasts of clams & lobsters, steamed right on the beach on PEI. Those days, eventually leading to So Cal. were "heady" times indeed. As for the water, that`s where I`m in my element. I`ve spent time out in the cold N. Atlantic, & warm months off the California coast, in two fairly large vessels, compared to weekend boaters. I`ve been at sea or at anchor without setting foot on stable terra, for over two months in one stretch.

Anonymous said...

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