Wednesday, July 25, 2007


This eel a "Reverse Goldentail" is named for it`s reversed color pattern. Normally the eel would be brown with a mottled yellow pattern.
This one, the colors are the opposite. This occurance in nature is quite rare & maybe happens in one out of 200.
Accordingly, the price of an eel so strking, demands a few more bucks, but it`s a big bang for the dollar.
This eel was a rescue, & lives with a Rabbitfish, a Rose BubbleTipped Anemone & assorted other animals that compliment the environment of the tank.
These animals are at the other end of my compound, housed in a complex of 5 interconnected tanks but segregated into a safe environment for each one of them.
You may go to "Planet Earth" to see a slide show that will show you this eel & it`s tank system neighbors.
Enjoy these beautiful animals, & Please have a nice day.


NDD said...

At first I was thinking the "Reverse" part of that eel's name was in reference to the reverse twist in the Möbius strip
as the eels seems to have a similar twist in that photo.

I very much enjoyed the tour of the eels world.

olivia said...

Morning NDD, Head!

Head, how big is this eel? It looks big in your photo. And what do they eat?

Knucklehead said...

That`s a good one.
I had a friend named Mobius in the sixties.
He was a trip.
"EEL`S WORLD! EEL`S WORLD! [Sat. night live.]

Knucklehead said...

Good morning Olivia,
This eel is hard to measure.
It`s about 20 inches long in this photo.
Although it looks like it`s poised to strike in ambush, it never stops swimming in anguilade fashion.
This shot is not one you can plan on, it may never be repeated. When it stops moving, is when it`s head is mostly all you see, agape & all tooth.
As for diet, if it`s meat, it`s good to eat.
The bite of this eel, is usually a surprise, fast & furious. If it is well fed, your shrimp, crabs, small fish & your fingers are safe. I fed it frozen shrimp, fresh scallops from the market, along with the catch of the day, such as Tuna, Mahi Mahi raw clams etc. I target fed him, by putting his chunks on a long narrow feeding stick, to make sure he got his share.
I did have a nice bite wound from "Eelroy" once, but only once.

olivia said...

Eelroy ... ha!

Sounds like he eats very well ... :)

Catharine said...

knucklehead, do we live on the same planet? I've never seen the things you photograph.

They (your photographs) are beautiful and alien.

Knucklehead said...

Same planet, different orbit, although I sometimes fly close to the ground. These images you see is just me waving.
Thank you for recognizing the beauty in the alien. Some people are afraid, others repulsed & some even want to harm things alien to them. When you see beauty, it brings our orbits closer.
Good evening.

Spencer Nagle said...

Wow! What an awesome photo. What kind of camera you using?

I've seen a regular goldentail eel here in Cayman.

Keep up the good work!

Knucklehead said...

If you click on the image you`ll see more pix of Eelroy.
I went & commented on you dive in the Caymans.

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