Thursday, January 10, 2008


I saw this rose on a walk early today, & after my return, I took a camera back for a few shots.
I came back & shot the red rose in our yard & puttered around for a while.
I left some images from today beyond this image. This one I worked on for a while trying to get an antique yellowed look while trying to get the forgotten feeling the rose seemed to have when I first saw it. That`s actually why I went back. It seemed to want some attention.
In the header, one of my new fish, a Rainford`s Gobi.
That`s it for tonight, but I`ll be back tomorrow. Hopefully I`ll get to the lagoon tomorrow to get some shots & maybe even the pier.
Have a great day & be kind to strangers.


AndiF said...

And you succeeded in getting that feeling across -- that's a very evocative image. I particularly like the deep edges on the right side; they heighten the sense of depth.

Evangeline said...

Hi KH,

That Gobi is amazing. It looks equipped to trick any of its roomies into thinking back is front and front is back. I loved your 6-shot wonder, BTW. There's so much action in that sky.

A thought: One of the great benefits about being kind to strangers is that you might actually be the stranger someone is kind to!

Reminder: This evening, from 6 to 9, Dada's edition of Blues Legacy on KGNU. If you miss it, I believe you can catch it on the Internet tomorrow (

Have a nice day!

olivia said...

Morning Head, Andi, Evangeline.

Beautiful. I like the curling edges on the rose.

And the Gobi are so colourful, they come w/ racing stripes even!

I hope you make it to the lagoon. (Now that's a word I rarely get to use - lagoon.)

Dean said...

Beth introduced me to your blog when we were visiting Mexico. Beautiful work! You now have another fan and I'll be visiting often.

Nancy P said...

You are so right, and you captured it beautifully.

Nancy P said...

Over at Knucklehead's photo blog today there's a rose that's just begging for somebody to write a story about it.

Knucklehead said...

The feeling is what was important to me, & each person will experience it in their own way. That it works for you is my success. Thanks

Knucklehead said...

The eye-spot on it, is another natural deception feature. By the time a predator figures out which end is which & why is it looking at me that way, the gobi is gone.
I decided to do the panorama, because one shot couldn`t even begin to capture the sky in total. I even failed with six shots. The next one I do will have another level of shots on the top. I`ll try & do two rows of 6, one row on top of the other.

We are all strangers, & you point that out perfectly.

dada`s show: I`ll be expecting an advisory & a link on that from him, but thanks for the reminder.

Knucklehead said...

Curling toes,
on an antique

I like the "racing stripes". I have to look closely for this guy, because he blends into the background so well.

Then I`ll have to make sure I go. It is always crowded with birds of all sorts. Herons, egrets, gulls, cormorants, pelicans & ducks. I`m sure there is a huge tree trunk in the lagoon where meetings take place.

Knucklehead said...

Welcome, there`s plenty of room.
I don`t think you`ll` find any 'collisions' here, not that I understand much about "hashing".
Beth is presently under my virtual protectorate in the underwater realm.
Nice to meet you, & please remember, I don`t lock the door, it`s always open.

Knucklehead said...

Thank you Nancy P

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
Though I may write in flowery prose,
I know very little,
of the heart of a rose.
And although I discern
it`s inherent beauty,
writing is not my
avocational duty.
This rose I offer
in all of it`s glory,
for you to come up with
a wonderful story

katiebird said...

Gorgeous rose, just beautiful. (But I still have to look at Planet Earth with every visit....)

Knucklehead said...

Thanks Katiebird,
I usually change Planet Earth images every day. I was a little caught up in getting the 'rose' right, last night.
I also have the header linked to more images also.

Nancy P said...

That's adorable, KH. :)

To tell you the truth, I made a funny mistake. That comment of mine? I thought I was posting it onto my own blog.

katiebird said...

:) That IS funny Nancy!

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
I did a double take on that comment & did think it was meant for elsewhere, but I`m not really responsible for the mental efficacy of those who post comments here. I`m just glad they come.
That`s why I offered you the rose, to redeem yourself. The story is already in progress, it seems.
And, it`s funny.

Knucklehead said...

She`s a veritable cornucopia of chuckles.