Tuesday, January 15, 2008


 New technique 2 DSCN5466
This post is dedicated to another photographer.
I`ve always been thrilled to see her work, & look forward to the emails from Flickr, announcing her latest posting.
There`s a little more to this dedication than images we look at.
There`s the image I have of her, from our interactions.
When ever I asked for advice, there she was with it, & pronto.
There was never a time limit on how long she took to help.
I hope there will never be a limit on the time we can remain friends.
I have this site to share my images with you, as a direct result of her friendship.
You might know her as Olivia, but I know her as "my friend, Olivia".
So Olivia, my friend, here`s a little color for you.
I haven`t had a Ladies Night in a long time, so what better lady to dedicate this post to.
As for the post title, it seems like you`re the "Go To Girl" in many peoples` eyes.
Thanks for that.

I`m also posting some images of a new way to shoot my tanks. I`ll get it perfected as I practice more.
The images with "technique" in the title, are the ones I`m talking about.
They are shot from overhead, rather than from the sides of my tanks.
Those who enjoy "Blenny" might be pleased he`s back.
He`s the babe magnet alright, but sometimes he has crabs.


AndiF said...

Perfect post -- well deserved props to olivia, a brilliant, glowing photo on the main page, and cute, sexy bennies in Planet Earth.

AndiF said...

Oops -- just saw my typo. Make that "blennies".

Hey Head, I've been meaning to tell you that you inspired me to make my own sun series -- only in my case it's sunrise and I have to move the camera to keep following the light. So not as nifty as yours but still fun to do. Results:

7:41 a.m EST
7:45 a.m. EST
7:50 a.m. EST

Nancy P said...

What a lovely and deserved tribute to Olivia. Though I do think your symbolic fish should be PINK. :)

olivia said...

Oh Head!

Thank you -- what a lovely post. And yes, I know there is no time limits on the friendship ... it's for life ... {{{Head}}} Thank you for more green ... :)

As for the blog, I'm so excited to see your photos everyday on your b. I can't tell you how wonderful it is.

As for help and advice, I feel the same about you. Seriously - the whole long exposure / shutter speed conversation we had really opened up a new world of photographic opportunities ... :D

Thanks Andi and kansas ... :) Andi, your sunrise shots make me want to get up early to see what I'm missing ... ;-) And LOL on the pink fish Nancy ... Head - do you have any pink fish? I don't remember if you do.

I was looking at your new technique posts. What kind of lighting are you using? The colours are so bright, but not washed out.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks Andif,
It takes the right ingredients to make a batch of cookies.

Knucklehead said...

I used to go to take a picture of the sunset every single day.
It was also my daily walk.
Now I`m going to try & make the area down by the pier, a more frequent destination. Sunsets aren`t a distance challenge for me. The same sunsets I see from my large deck, is the same view I have from inside my house. 80% of the walls facing west are of glass.
So it`s a nice outing to take series of shots.
I keep looking for a nice sunrise spot here, but I don`t get up as early as you.
I love the woods sunrise but I don`t understand why you have to move the camera.

Knucklehead said...

Did you say "Pink"
I thought so.
Click the link, to see some pink.(post image)
Or clink the slide show.

Knucklehead said...

Sometimes, an unforeseen pick-me -up, can kick-start a new outlook on things.
I had a feeling (you know what I`m talking about)
this was the time to offer a little color for you.

Pink fish? I do now. One just slid into the slide show.

Previously, I was shooting through/across the light coming down from the topof the tank.
This testing I`m doing, involves shooting through the top of the water. I had prior problems with the overhead lights, which are extremely bright, (400 watts, Metal Halide)reflecting back into the camera & rendering the shots useless.
I figured out that If I shadow the subject with the camera I get no reflected light. It`s hard to focus though, because the camera wants to focus on the water surface.
A few more test sessions & I might have something. It also seems to show the color as more natural.
The reef lit up like I have it, is hard to replicate in an image. It looks more like the image on the post.

Nancy P said...

lol, head! That's the (pink) ticket!

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
Your plaint, is my paint,
Your lamentation is my pigmentation.

Nancy P said...

That's very funny!

So now I know that any time I complain you'll turn a different shade of pale.