Thursday, January 24, 2008


For those who rely on mushrooms for their laughs, I present you with a few chuckles of mine.
These are Leather Corals. Some are "toadstools", some are "fuzzy fingers". No they are not soap suds, although that is funny.
On Planet Earth, a lounging star next to a Turbina Peltata, a type of cup coral.
It`s been pouring constantly here for a few days so I`m feeling dampened tonight. Off to snooze for a while, then back to the valley on a project I`m working on. Images forthcoming on that project.
Stay dry, please.


AndiF said...

No problem staying dry here, it's staying warm that's the work at hand.

I must be doing my Tank Girl imitation today because I especially liked TANK TOP DSCN2644 and LONG TANK DSCN2654 and TANK TOP DSCN2640.

olivia said...

Hi Head, hi Andi.

Not an edible mushroom ... :)

I hope you're keeping warm ... and staying as dry as you can.

I love the star peltata ... and the long tank too.

Knucklehead said...

Please keep warm, then.
#40 & #44 are taken from the top of the tank through the ripples on the surface.
If you picture a shark swimming near the surface on a natural history show, you can see the strange surface reflections on it`s body. That is why I ripple the water. Besides oxygenating the water, my 'single point' Metal Halide lights recreate the reef crest in that respect.

Knucklehead said...

Maybe to humans, but I do have some animals that have absconded with some of my mushroom leathers in the past. Most people wouldn`t find the other kind edible either, when solely relying on taste.
The Star has the perfect outfit for the lounge.

Nancy P said...

Nice soap dish.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
It`s for lemon scented soap.