Thursday, January 10, 2008


For christmas, my friend Alex & his dad, presented me with a gift certificate redeemable at Vivid, a great aquarium supply store. I went & purchased some new specimens today, & am revealing them to the public tonight. Yes folks, you saw them here first.
The main post image is a Yellow Clown Gobi.
It is about one inch long & will probably never double in size. In this image, it is getting familiar with some Branching Green Torch coral. Beyond the coral head he`s in, there is another larger Green Torch that I`ve been propagating for years.
In the header is a pair of Fire Fish. Beyond the header you`ll also see some Green Chromis, I have a school of six.
I also got a few more but I`ll show them off tomorrow maybe.
On Planet Earth, (I really hate to do this, but) I took some shots of tonight`s sunset to show off. The sky couldn`t be taken in one shot so I took a series of shots & melded them together. That one is called 6 shots.
If you do enter Planet Earth, Please click on that shot & view the large file, not the original file. The original is very large.
You`ll get a better sense of how intense the whole sky was & you`ll also see that there is a lot of sky that I didn`t capture.
Please enjoy the new things here, as much as I enjoy showing them to you.
Be kind to animals, please.
I forgot to mention about the moon. On Planet Earth, you can also see a timed shutter release shot with a 3 second exposure I think. You can see the earth shine on the dark side of the moon, light reflected from the surface of the earth. Just as we have moonlight, the moon has earth light.


AndiF said...

I love your new fish. What a glow that fella has.

The planet earth set is definitely spectacular but the moon shot makes a wonderfully subtle contrast to all that overachieving.

Knucklehead said...

I noticed the glow also. Maybe it`s a female.
The moon shot is the topper really. That shot was taken last night also, but after it was almost dark completely.

olivia said...

Hi Head, hi Andi.

I agree w/ Andi about the glow. What a beauty! And the perfect post title Head.

NDD said...

re; Lemon Twist, Ms NDD says, "It(the whole photo) does look like candy!"

Mr NDD says, "Hey there KH don't be teasing me with all those spectacular sunset shots whilst I'm stuck in the city."

The "6 shot" panorama really came out great.

What's the name of the fish with the narrow vertical spike for a dorsal fin?

Knucklehead said...

Yes SHE sure is a beauty.

Knucklehead said...

Yes, penny candy from the corner store.
I did include a disclaimer to that effect.
I took a 16 shot 360 that I haven`t put together yet.
That is a Fire Gobi, but also called, Firefish, Fire Dartfish or Magnificent Dartfish.
It is classified under Nemateleotris magnifica (Fowler, 1938)
It is a passive fish that can be a carpet surfer.
It will jump out in a panic. Hopefully this is a breeding pair. If not one will be killed, although I did pick them carefully.

katiebird said...

I LOVE the Planet Earth sunset panorama -- it's beautiful. And your new fish looks magical.

(waving to everyone!)

Knucklehead said...

Thanks Katiebird,
The sunsets here have been extraordinary due to the weather. Usually we dont get clouds in formations. We usually have a marine overcast or it`s just clear. That then poses a problem. The solution is to shoot the sunsets with subjects in them, such as a sailboat or birds (I like the pelicans here).
I do these panoramas out of between 6 to 8 shots normally but have done them with up to more than a dozen shots. It keeps me on my toes. I just stand & shoot as I spin around overlapping each shot.
Then it`s a matter of merging them, hopefully seamlessly, et voila.
I like having more small fish making up my bioload, than only a few larger ones to achieve the same limit. There`s a level of balance that has to be maintained, for the proper well being of the specimens in a reef tank.
Back to the panorama, it`s hard to justify not freaking out as it`s changing before ones eyes here. It`s amazing to be in the middle of it.
Don`t mind me.

katiebird said...

Do you use a tripod, or just hold on tight?

Knucklehead said...

For all of them I just hand hold, but the 'hold on tight' part comes in while I`m rotating, looking through the view finder, while standing on the slope of the roof.
This is also when I throw in the part about my buddy Coconut being up there with me. He comes in from the aviary at about 4:00PM, & spends the rest of the time, till bedtime, with me. He`s on my shoulder right now.