Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is Blenny`s ride. I made it from an Apple Snail shell.
I thought a funny image of this little clown would be nice to start off the week.
I added some other disconnected images connected to this one.
In the header, a sunset from a few weeks ago is linked to Sunday night`s one.
The linked images are a little more dramatic.
On Planet Earth, I left up some images from last week.
I hope you will continue to enjoy Murphy`s slide show in the upper right.
I`m leaving it up for those who have not yet seen her artwork.
Clicking on any slide show image will take you to her Flickr page where you can see lots more of her unique take on life, through images.
I also take this opportunity to thank Murphy very much for gracing my place with her presence.
Thank You Murphy

And please, take a closer look at the little things in life. You might be amazed.


AndiF said...

Oh the blenny -- be still, my heart. He can roll on over to my place any time he wants.

Gotta say I admire the 'tude of that turtle (DSCN7076) -- just perfect for Monday.

Here's the closer look at the little things I took yesterday.

olivia said...

And when he's done at Andi's, he came stop by here.

LOL ... what a great photo to start off the week.

Morning Head and Andi.

Evangeline said...

Hi KH!

Blenny's Chariot, eh? How about Blen-Hur? You've got to love that critter. I know I do.

Thanks for the wonderful sunsets. I don't get to see many here in the city. Your photos set my dreamwheel rolling.

Andif: Amazing how the “little things” can be so grand, no?

Have a nice day!

Nancy P said...

So cute!! A polka-dot cutie-patootie.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks, I like that lady turtle also.

Looks like you`ve got a handle on nature`s "art deco".

Knucklehead said...

Stay warm.
He pops up all over the place. hah

Knucklehead said...

You`ve got the name I was trying to come up with.
Good one.
Then you come up with another one, "dream wheel".
Tu`s la.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
I`ll tell him you said that.