Saturday, January 12, 2008


I went for a walk on the beach down by the lagoon today. The lagoon is formed by the flow from Malibu Creek.
The ocean waves create a sand berm which traps this water & causes it to back up & enlarges the area of the lagoon. It sometimes is this way for months, & becomes a great wildlife habitat. Then a rain storm will swell the creek to the point that the berm is breached & all the lagoon drains into the ocean. Today, while I was there, a fog bank started to roll in just at sunset.
The recent storms had also caused the lagoon berm to collapse. The outflow prevented any crossing to the other side, so I took some pier shots. I will return to the lagoon from the other side of the outflow soon & get some shots from that vantage point.
I hope you`ll enjoy the walk in images. All linkable areas here are to the same set of images.
I mention it, so you don`t overexert yourselves after the walk.
Have a great week end, & I hope you`ve all listened to dada`s Blues Legacy tonight. If you missed it, I`ll see how to put a link here, or dada might just do it himself.


AndiF said...

Gorgeous set. I really enjoyed all the views of the pier but my favorite was the lagoon shot _DSC0048.

katiebird said...

Hi Andi & knucklehead!

This is Dreamy and Beautiful. Is it Malibu Pier?

dada said...

thanks for the props, head. here's the link: blues legacy.

scroll down to 1.11.08. click the listen icon…3 hrs. of the bluz according to dada: aka: downtown

Knucklehead said...

After 30 years here, it`s the first time I`ve ever shot the pier. I used to drive by it twice a day for years & years. I`ll be going to the lagoon more now that I`ve scoped it out a little. The wildlife that can be seen there, is usually close enough to get good shots because of it`s protective water. The birds congregate on huge tree trunks that have been washed down the creek or thrown up on shore by winter storms. With the surrounding moat of water, the birds are safe from man or beast.

Knucklehead said...

Yes Katiebird,
This is the world famous Malibu Pier.
I should have mentioned that important fact.
It`s been damaged so many times, & just underwent a long restoration & repair.
The winter storms can roil down the coast bringing huge chunks of driftwood that slam into the pilings. These then are added to the pile of debris that carries on down the coast tearing up more & more structures, many of them built on pilings themselves. I spent almost 15 years building homes on the beaches south of the pier, & rebuilt or repaired some of those same ones, two & three times.

Knucklehead said...

dada, thanks for including the link.
I was hoping you would do that. I don`t know if I could have linked it myself. It`s something I have to figure out soon.

Nancy P said...

I vote for leaving today's header up there for a wee bit longer, 'cause it's soooo beautiful. It's a perfect fit for the format, imo.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
Every vote counts. You just won unanimously.
I`ll go take more shots of the pier & use them in the same manner, but till then, it stays.

katiebird said...

I LOVE the Pier. I'd buy a copy if it was for sale....

Knucklehead said...

Do you mean the pier itself, or a print.
If you want a print of The Pier, I`ll print a large one out for you.

katiebird said...

(smile) KN, I'd love a print. Do you sell them?

Knucklehead said...

I do, but usually it includes a lot of extra graphics & text.
This is on me.
I can print 10x16, but I might be able to use a friend`s printer for something larger.
Let me print this one first & take a look at it.
I`ll be back.

Nancy P said...

Yay! I'll have to remember to vote early and often. :)

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
Sounds like you`ve been to Chicago.

olivia said...

Hi Head.

Those are gorgeous. _DSC0064 made me want to be there. Thank you for going to the lagoon and pier and for sharing your photos w/ us. Hope you are having a good w/e.

Knucklehead said...

The serpentine flow is the lagoon draining.
I`ll be going back to take more shots at the lagoon proper.
I`ve seen thousands of incredible images of the whole place flash by as I drove across the bridge over the creek that feeds the lagoon.
The pier is just south of the lagoon, & Surfrider beach is right there. On the other side of the lagoon is The Malibu Colony, the enclave of the rich & famous for the most part.
I just got a brainstorm.
I`ll be back.

NDD said...

Yep, agreed, another spectacular set.

And thanks for the lagoon info.

Being a prairie dweller, I don't know that I had realized the true life of a lagoon, even though in N CA I've been to several lagoons.

I remember when I first lived in N CA traveling from Arcata to Eureka via the back way I was puzzled how fast the "sloughs" had drained.

When they were refilled the next day, I thought, "Ah hah! Tides!"

Even an ol' prairie dog can learn new tricks!

Knucklehead said...

No one said the High Plains Drifter, was ever slow on the draw.
Check the mail.