Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I revisited a place of beauty today & took some shots of this Mongol eyed princess. It is a fountain that spills over her head creating her character over time. Magnolias are in the header & have many more linked to it, while on Planet Earth, a Rufus Hummingbird sits on a few eggs that are the size of jellybeans. The small kind of jellybean.
Please be nice to animals, & have a great day.


AndiF said...

The magnolia set is just lovely. The framing of DSCN5749 is particularly fine but you and Olivia have gotten me addicted to black-backed flower photos and so DSCN5743 stole my heart.

NDD said...

Hah, what andif said regarding 5749 and 5743. Also I very much like the effect you created with the Cupid's Tail, on that previous post. (finally catching up on the Bs tonight. I can see I've missed some very nice ones.)

Knucklehead said...

If you go to my new post which will be up in a few minutes you`ll know why, I`ll just leave it at that.