Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is the other half of the pair in symbiosis. It is not known how these two living things, amazing in their own right, could form a bond that is unbelievably strong.
I have moved some of these anemones where the clown has leaped inside it.
I had not realized it until later while transporting the anemone in a bucket.
At other times while removing an anemone, the clown would leap up above the water surface trying to protect it, or seek refuge in it.
Now, I just start another reef if I have to remove an anemone that is paired with a clown fish.
When they get to know each other, & it does take a little time depending on many things, the clown will suckle on the tentacles. Now, if any other fish did this, he would either be an idiotfish, a perverted masochistfish, or a deadfish.
The clown fish brings food to the anemone & often will dive down into it ( I call it 'toughed' diving )& cuddle up in there for a nap.
These two are on a lifelong trip. Good luck to them both.
What a beautiful couple.
In the header, a 5 shot composite that I doubled over for the format size.
The bean sprout on Planet Earth, is in 3D.
It is a very good example of the 3D shots I do & easy to bring into view. If you view it, try tilting the screen towards you at the top or away from you at the bottom.
The leaves come way out of the monitor.
Think of ducking out of the way, when something came at you while wearing those red & green glasses.
In the meanwhile, I hope your skies are clear (for the eclipse) as well as your skin, (for your well being).
Good night, & do be "gruntled", please.
I don`t like disgruntled people.


AndiF said...

You know, it ain't like being gruntled sounds any better. Is okay if I'm verklempt? It's snowing and it's going to get down to the single digits and I so want it to be spring.

But I'm not so verklempt that I can't love the story on the anemones and the clown fish.

Evangeline said...

Well you certainly gruntled me with your story this morning, and now I'm wide awake! Sounds like a good example of the “ opposites attract” principle.

Andif: I thought you may have taken “verklempt” out of your hat! I couldn't find it in my dictionary, but like everything else, I found it on the Internet. So, thanks!

It's 7 a.m., I already have my new word of the day, the coffee's great, and I've got KH's photos to enjoy. Life is good.

olivia said...

I have to admit that I started out my day disgruntled, but definitely ended it gruntled ... :)

That's fascinating about the anemones and the clownfish. That they would have such a close relationship.

Love the bean sprout, but still nada on the 3D thing. Not sure what I'm not doing ... :)

Knucklehead said...

Hi Andif,
"Verklempt" sounds like a word the Coffee Lady used to say on the Sat. Night Live skit.
I`m glad you liked the story.

Knucklehead said...

Good one. New word of the day.

Knucklehead said...

I`m still trying to ID the sprout. Hopefully I find out what it is before it develops into a stinking, fly attracting carnivore.

AndiF said...

Don't know about the Coffee Lady but it definitely sounds like something my bubbe used to say.

Glad to have added to everybody's vocabulary. :)

olivia said...

LOL Head!

So Andi, what is today's word?

AndiF said...

Do you want new word or would you rather I kvelled about Head's and your wonderful pictures?

Knucklehead said...

Where in kvell do you come up with these words?
By the way, you did know the icy rock was in 3D, eh?

olivia said...

Love it ... :-)

AndiF said...

Well Head, I could tell you a bubbe meise but the truth is that I grew up in a Yinglish-speaking family.

P.S. I knew the rock was supposed to be 3D but I can't see it (probably because I don't have stereo vision).

olivia said...

LOL! Another good one ... :D

Kidspeak said...

Evening,KH, I expected to see glorious eclipse pics here - until I looked at the map and thought you might not see the best of it. I sat on our stone plinth out front and nearly froze (9degrees) to see a glorious, glorious show. Saturn wasn't too bad, either. Got Teach outside to look twice (he's been out for nearly 2 months with pneumonia).

Your sprout might be a tepary, or maybe a purple hull - no, wrong part of the country