Tuesday, February 26, 2008


A little tale to tell is why I must continue.
And hope that what I have to say, will not jump out & sting you.
A boring drone turned out to be a cloud of swarming bees,
Some people so afraid of them fall prostrate on their knees.
They came and landed close to me, & buzzed around a while,
I watched them all look for a home, it made me even smile.
As with a group of animals, there`s always one who`s king,
I swear that when I saw him it was me that he would sting.
The others were all peaceful, just protecting their fat queen,
But from now on I will approach only covered up in screen.

In the header, there are some images of a bee swarm I saw at work today. I realized they were hoping to build a hive in a quite inappropriate place so I called a "beekeeper" to come & retrieve them. In the meantime I took a few shots of the swarm, which necessitated my insertion into a cabinet they had accessed from the back. I gingerly opened the front doors of the cabinet trying not to aggravate them with my banging, struggling to get the stuck doors opened. I finally got the thing opened but would put my ear to the doors during this assault to see if I could notice any furious buzzing.
There they were, a nice big pile of sting. Anyway I got my head in there with my camera, & took a few shots. I told them it was cool, I was just a hobbyist & not a professional. Well as we all know, there`s always a jerk in any large crowd, although I believe he was disoriented rather than jerky, but I got stung anyway. That`s when I started screaming like a little girl NOT.
I backed away slowly & removed the stinger, careful not to squeeze more venom into my arm, then went & took the rest of the shots.
Then I found a frog. Now my arm didn`t hurt anymore, but all the blood around the frog was making me queasy.. (no it wasn`t).
So that was the way my day was without mentioning a very surprising turn of events with a three year old child that became my best friend today. That was the most important part of my life since many days. I`ll recount his & my tale at a later date.
Meanwhile do make your days interesting, if not for you, then for all the others that are watching you whether you think they are or not. Have a great day.

On Planet Earth, a few more 3D`s.
Anyone who has trouble seeing them, might try to get some advice from someone who got on her/his knees & prayed.
He/she claims it works.
Whatever floats your boat, I guess.


olivia said...

Hi Head.

Yikes ... :) A great big pile of sting doesn't sound very pleasant! Good that you only experienced one out of the pile.

Nice red under the frog there. And joy, oh joy - I can finally see the 3D images!

(Looking forward to the story about your new best friend.)

Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

Knucklehead said...

I can`t wait to see your imagination at work with the 3D`s you`ll be shooting soon. I think now that you see them & are excited about it, you`ll do a backflip when you see your first one. I freaked when I realized it really really works. (like a kid)
I still do not get alerts. I`m trying to fix it.(?)

AndiF said...

OMG, how did you get a picture one of the people from my meetings! (j/k but couldn't resist.

Sorry about the sting -- I hate it when suffering for one's art is a bit too literal.

olivia said...

LOL Andi!

Head -- yes, I can't either.

olivia said...

Btw, I showed my friend at work the poppies you had sent the other day (the one w/ the bud emerging from the prickly shell) and she loved it!

It is freaky, it's so neat. But, I'm not sure a backflip will work wrapped in a fuzzy pink blanket ... ha!

Pudsy said...

Re: the 3D images - I've managed to graduate from my knees to O's chair....I sit down, push myself back a good three feet (her chair has wheels)then settle my crossed eyes just off the fingertip of my outstretched arm...Once I "get it", I use my feet to slowly pull myself towards the monitor so that I can enjoy the image at close range ..I've actually become quite good at it *laughter*...The funny thing about it though is this: when I "announce" that I "get it" I do it *ahem* quite loudly...as though I'm headphoned and oblivious to the sound of my voice...It might sound ridiculous but I love those moments...:-)

Knucklehead said...

Well Pudsy,
I love those moments also, just visualizing your apt description. Maybe you could have someone videotape it. I`d love to see you pull yourself by your feet on a wheeled office chair yelling "eureka!! eureka!!
And welcome to my pad Pudsy.
Tell me what you`d like to see, & I`ll see if I have something to that effect in my image files.

Evangeline said...

Hi KH!

I think this is the first time I feel like scratching a frog’s back! (don’t go there...)

I love that red. It really sets out your little poser.

Now you’ve got me wondering about your little friend. Please put me (us) out of my (our) misery and say what’s up!

Knucklehead said...

Hey Evangeline,
The frog just happened to be inside a large red plastic tub.
I noticed how 'out of nature' the color scheme was, so I took a few, then let him free..
He hopped over next to a white wall (snap), then into the grass (snap).
La Fin.

NDD said...

My favorite of the 3Ds, of course, is the Egyptian Princess with the pink "Janis Joplin" shawl.

You must be busy these days, noting lapse days between postings????

bee stings are good for arthritis, so I here.

NDD said...

Oh, and great shot of the frog! He looks like he's contemplating the next great move in life.

Knucklehead said...

NDD, Yes I`ve been really caught up in some jobs now that the weather is favorable. The stings must be working. I don`t feel any arthritis.
The box of white rocks I have on the front lawn to keep the elephants away is working great also. We haven`t had an elephant in god knows when.