Monday, February 18, 2008


As I`m getting a little better at taking images of this Rose Bubble Tipped Anemone, I thought I`d better post one.
I know some of you liked this one, & it does now seem to be establishing itself comfortably in it`s present location.
Sometimes it takes a while for an anemone to find it`s "spot". In the meantime it may wander around the reef trying to avoid too strong a current or searching for better light. While this travel is ongoing, it does harm to other sessile specimens that do not have the luxury of being able to move out of the anemone`s way, thus suffering damage, sometimes fatally, from it`s stinging nematocysts.
It is on a piece of rock which has numerous cavities on it wherein the anemone may move to, if for whatever reason, it might feel in peril. It has been moving into the protection of these cavities since I introduced it to this reef, a direct result of an over enamored clown fish. They now have gotten used to each other & the clown fish will be very possessive of it`s host.
On Planet Earth, I have a 3D shot of a sprouted seed from an unknown, (by Teri & I) species. She acquired it from her daughter who just recently moved to England. The germinated seed is as big as a peanut in the shell.
In the header, a little tin racer, I received this week end from my sister in law, who was a member of our teenage gang, which incidentally numbered over 450 members. This gang was a self governed group of enthusiasts from many different areas of interests. We had organized sports teams that included softball, baseball, volley ball, basketball etc. We had cyclo touring groups & went on two weeks rides around the province. Camping trips were almost every weekend for at least some age group. Sat. night was time for our dances at teen town. My brothers wife & my childhood friend was an integral part of this extensive gang, who challenged all comers from different parishes in the surrounding towns, to their respective sports teams.
My brother & her, Arlette just left today after arriving last Thursday. We had a great but too short a time.
Since the little metal racer had no driver`s head, yet a driver`s body, I had to include a little PS in showing off this gift properly. As we had been laughing at some other item that Teri got at the garage sale where the racer came from I decided to use that figurine`s head for the main driver. We were laughing at him because "Hercules" looks very much like a friend of ours.
I`m off to snoozerville & hope you all enjoy your day tomorrow, regardless of the opinion you may have of the person which position, though ill fitted , he represents.
(Too long to proof read tonight, as I would miss any errors, if any, due to my eyes closing in on me from all sides.


AndiF said...

Some of us would definitely include me. I'm glad it's settling in.

Wow -- 450 kids!?! I thought my neighborhood gang (to use the word with as loose a meaning as possible) was pretty big but I'm sure that our team hide n' seek games never had more than 50 kids.

Nancy P said...

I'll bet we've all known people like that--who wander around, obliviously stinging everything in their path until they find their niche. Sometimes they're pretty, which makes them all the more dangerous, because then other people draw near. . .

The reef breathes a sigh of relief as Miss Pink Tip settles in.

olivia said...

Hi Head, Andi, Nancy.

Glad to read you had a good visit w/ your family.

Love this beautiful anemone.

(We only had about 800 ppl in our whole town, forget kids only. Yikes!!)

Man Eegee said...

BEAUTIFUL! It reminds me of one of those laser beam spheres.

Knucklehead said...

You me & the rest of the reef inhabitants are equally relieved.
The town I come from, which does not exist anymore, had about 12,000 souls.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
"... said the spider to the fly."

Knucklehead said...

Yes, we did have a good time.
I revert to my "patois" which includes the "blessing of the sacraments", when I`m around gang members.
I`m sure everyone understands that the gang was not a violent street gang in any way. Then again, it would not be prudent to be causing problems especially if one came from another town or parish.

Knucklehead said...

Man Egee,
How`s tricks?
One question, do those laser beam spheres sting. If so, they are very similar. If not, the anemone might as well be compared to a turnip.
One thing, both are usually approached with a little trepidation.
Thanks for the nice link.

Family Man said...

Hiya Head.

Wonderful shot of the Anemone. I agree with Manny, it looks like the laser, but to me it's much more beautiful. The color and outlines are so clear.

Glad you had a good time with family visiting.

Take care.

Evangeline said...

Hi Head!

It sounds like you and Teri had a good time with Landsailor and Arlette. 450 members! That’s not a gang; sounds more like a battalion. Wouldn’t be surprised if you were the CO – in your own way, of course. 'Love your anemone.

Knucklehead said...

Hey FM,
I don`t see family members very often. One of my brothers is MIA again, but I`m confident we`ll find him again. He goes missing sometimes for years.
My little sister is pretty good at finding him.

Knucklehead said...

Hey Evangeline,
Give me a call & I`ll tell you about the reunion with Landsailor & Arlette.
As you may remember the gang was divided into subsets or cliques & I had the added advantage of being widely known in the days of "THE CLODS", from Roberval to Port Alfred. In my "courer des bois" days, I couldn`t be caught. The woods belonged to me & Prince. So did the baseball stadium, all soft drink sales, the "piscine", & I can`t forget all my girlfriends. Charlie Leblanc, came up often in conversation this week end, when I was saying mass, speaking in Qebecois.

Evangeline said...

I still “say mass” and probably will do till I drop. The last time I saw Charlie, I couldn't understand anything he was saying. It was too bad in a way, since he always had a lot of tall tales to tell! I'll call you soon so you can bring me up to date.

Knucklehead said...

Demain a midi, c`est bon calis.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Man, these just get more amazing all the time KH ... so pretty, so deadly ... much more reassuring from afar, I'd say!

Otherwise I echo Nancy's comment ... and a big wave to Manny!

Knucklehead said...

You can`t go wrong when you think pink.

Evangeline said...

Guette-moé à midi mon tabarslac!

Andie said...

This I remember from the old 'hood:it's not hard to believe that the gang included hundreds of kids; our street, from corner to corner, had only 11 houses on each side, one family per house, and the total Number of kids in 22 houses was 117!!! My brother will vouch for this, right? Our family was one of the smallest, only 8 members... Can you say Catholic?

Man Eegee said...

[waving back at IVG]

hey k'head, tricks are...bizzy. seems like there's never a lull in the workload anymore so I can enjoy galavanting around the neighborhood. I try to stop in now and agaiin, but ooof, it's been nonstop. hope you and the critters are doing well. paz

Knucklehead said...

Paix a toi aussi Manny,
I remember seeing somewhere that you got hundreds of communiques a day, so It`s always special when you stop in at my place.
All the critters aren`t crittercizing, so, all`s well.

Knucklehead said...

Tu`la Evangeline.

Valérie said...

Ça va faire les sacres, tabarouette! Un peu de tenue, bon sens! Hihi! :P

Knucklehead said...

OOPS Valerie,
J`aurais du ne me pas fier, qu`unne Quebecoise y viendrais.
Les oreilles vierge, grandes ouverte.
Ca vas mon amie? Et Phillippe?
Jai suivi ton voyage a Frisco. Tres bien fait, au compte d`images.
Et mon francais? (bien/ou non)
Jaime bien la facon que tu as, quand tu express en mots. Mon eppelation et conjugation de verb est effroyant.

Pudsy said...

This one hit me like a lightning bolt! Just beautiful! Loved your post as well..Your writing "feels" like a voice...What a pleasure it is to stop by and lurk about..Yours is a magical place, Knucklehead:)

Knucklehead said...

I`m getting some images together as we 'speak' for tonight`s post.
I hope when you have the time, you`ll be able to go through the archives & take a peek at some of the surprises on the blog. Every image is linked to a little stuff on the side.
Your comment was a pleasant surprise. I`ll put a few Easter Chicks in your basket tonight.