Thursday, May 8, 2008


This is another set of images all taken in the yards around my house. I have three different front yard areas & about five different areas on four different levels in the back. It`s constantly changing or I`ve just never noticed some things but it`s always a trip.
If any of you remember Kendra, who was the first of only two guest bloggers here, she will be back with some fantastic images next week.
On Planet Earth is a fruit bowl I was sharing with Coconut. He`s not a picky eater, but is very sensitive about having perfect teeth, as you`ll see.
In the header, a couple of Kush cones from the local 'farmacy', but do go in & explore the strange images beyond.
Have a great day, & Evangeline, I went to town, by a different route, but will shoot the large purple birds soon.


AndiF said...

Beautiful flower shots in that set.

I am -- to loosely borrow a phrase -- cuckoo for Coconut.

And it's official: I still love all your spring photos but I am no longer jealous of them as ours has turned into one of lushest and loveliest in my memory. Some glimpse here. [LINK]

olivia said...

I love this one Head! Wow ... love it! Love it ... :)

Knucklehead said...

I had to dig down into a bush to find that one hiding there. I figured I discovered gold.