Tuesday, May 27, 2008


 SUEDE ROSE DSCN8709A few more shots from Darbe`s garden that I didn`t get to post. First, for Evangeline, I found one of the large Birds of Paradise. It was about 15 feet up in the air, & this will at least prove what I previously said, but I will go back & use a ladder to get some up close details. The image is in the 'header' show. Image #705 is of the same flower as the header is created from, although not inverted. Planet Earth has the remainingimages from the garden shoot.
Have a great day & keep smelling the flowers.
The one in the main post might smell like ladies footwear but only because it is of suede.
I love the smell of ladies feet in the morning. mmmhhnmm!!


AndiF said...

More great flowers shots amidst a spring of great flower shots. I especially liked DSCN8705.

I am agnostic on the smell of feet, of any gender at any time.

olivia said...

Love the richness of the colour (including the green) ... a real beauty!

Knucklehead said...

Hi Andif,

Thank you.
How about little babies`?
I bet I gotcha there.

Knucklehead said...

The bloom is really huge. I should have something in the pic to show it`s scale. I will be back over there, & there are hundreds of them. I`ll see if I can be creative in that respect.
And thanks also.

AndiF said...

okay make that agnostic on the smell of feet, of any gender of any age at any time.

P.S. I do like playing with babies' tiny fingers and toes.

Evangeline said...

Hi KH!

Thanks for those images, particularly the Bird of Paradise. 15 feet up!? It's hard for me to imagine it, but 'm certainly looking forward to seeing more.

Photo 8692 looks quite tasty, literally. Makes me want to get my hands on a tub of caramel ice cream.

I like the crumpled look of that orange flower, but it's pretty strange. I don't remember having seen that effect before.

BTW, I can't really send you a picture of my lilacs since the image chip is no longer working on my camera. Naturally, there was a recall on the product but I let the deadline go by. Yep. That's me.

Take care.

Knucklehead said...

The crumpled one is a Poppy.
The petals actually seem to be made of crepe paper. This is not a manipulated image in that respect.
As an afterthought, think tissue paper, but not toilet tissue.