Monday, May 12, 2008


As a return guest-blogger, my young friend Kendra, dazzles again with her choice of subject, & superb composition.
The main post image is a composite of some of the images behind the firewall.
Kendra will be here again tomorrow, as I thought that there was just too much to aggravate your senses all in one showing.
I promise your return tomorrow will not be in vain, unless you are afraid of the clowns of the deep. With that little teaser, I wish you all a great day tomorrow, & that Kendra`s images will lighten your load.
Good night.


Knucklehead said...

"wow! i really love what you did with them! and i definitely dont mind any alterations because whatever you end up doing always makes everything look better!"

AndiF said...
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AndiF said...

Gorgeous sunsets, fascinating branch patterns, and lovely flowers but the subtlety and stillness of IMG_2193 made it my favorite.

Thank you Kendra for the immense pleasure (and Head for bringing it here).

dada said...

very nice. l esp like the haunting nature of fire ravaged and costa rica.

well done k

thanks for sharing her images head. the kid's are ok, eh.

olivia said...

Wow Kendra -- those are amazing photos! What an eye you have ... :)

I love Fire Ravaged 2627. And Pink Boogie 2417 - love all that pink.

Can't wait to see the next set. Thanks for sharing! And thanks Head for guest posting. :)

Knucklehead said...

The 2193 is from Costa Rica.
There`s more coming from there also.

Knucklehead said...

"FIRE RAVAGED" was taken very near her house, so you know the Malibu fires were close to her home.
The fires did resurrect the most bountiful fields of flowers this spring though.

Knucklehead said...

Doesn`t she have that discerning eye though...
I love the boogie pink also. I think it`s a bougain`Viljia, hence "Boogie". Viljia is her mom`s name.

NDD said...

Holy Chihuahua! What a great photo show, Kendra!

The coastal sunset shots are superb, (2223, 2211)

I particularly like 1748 (the beach perspective) as the various elements; waterline, waves-waveline, the sandy beach, and then the trees and clouds all draw the eye to a very wonderfully enhanced perspective. This would be the one I'd enlarge, frame and have up on the wall, although 2193 with it's spectacular reflections would run a close second to 1748.

The composition of the elements in Fire Ravaged works really well too. What interesting patterns the tree branches make!

Haywire almost makes me laugh, it's just bursting with craziness. I'd suggest a few more shots of that one from some different angles if you've got a second chance at it.

I'm looking forward to the next Kendra installment

Knucklehead said...

HAYWIRE reminded me of your Fireworks images.
Except the pyro-technician has had a bit too much "happy juice", in this shot.
I`m getting some more of her stuff ready as we speak.
She knows what to capture & does so, very well.
The fireworks calendar is on my wall here.

kendra said...

thank you guys so much for all of the compliments and words of encouragement! it really means a lot to me!

Knucklehead said...

I, speaking for others also, believe that all the comments directed at your images are well deserved.
You should also know that the commenters are all very good photographers in their own right, so compliments from them are not casual, but from experience, I`m sure.
Thank you for showing your work here.