Monday, April 27, 2009

Wild Blue Bells

These diminutive little blue flowers grow in bunches in the yard.
I have no clue what they are, but I`d guess they decided that here was a nice place to be appreciated.
I do.
The other images, in the floral department, are taking over the terraces I built as a planter/slope retainer.
We basically let whatever feels welcome, grow & color the yard.
The California poppies, fold up at night, but I also noticed some of my special cactus blossoms getting ready to blow my mind.
You`ll soon be amazed, I`m sure.
In the header, a dancing goddess plate I noticed on the deck, was triplicated to form a troupe.
The original is linked.
On Planet Earth, a lonesome Blenny calls for it`s mate, in reality a playmate.
Thanks for coming by to offer your thoughts on Milo.
Please have a nice tomorrow, & don`t forget old friends you haven`t thought of in a while.
They`re still friends.


AndiF said...

I'm heading out of town till Friday so this was just the perfect day to give me blenny of love. And flowers.

I hope I'll have time for a quick peak while I'm gone but if I don't I'll definitely be back to take it all in on Friday.

olivia said...

Hi Head!

Beautiful blue flowers -- I love the little hairs you can see. But those creamy white bulbs -- wow. And the blue velvet petal ... Amazing close-up shot.

And LOL, that shot of Blenny and your title -- too cute.

NDD said...

I like how 5724 turned out, with the black background, like looking at a sky full of stars, and some blue ones yet.

Yep, mighty purty blue blossoms.

Great shot of Mr Blenny too. Rochester however, was no where to be seen.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks NDD,
You will have to remind me of Rochester.
Did you name one of the animals while you were here, & I forgot?