Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I`m back after a little break (mostly my back) I had to take, to complete some projects that were piling up after being all held up due to weather.
When the good weather returned everyone wanted their projects completed without realizing that all the subcontractors involved were also backed up for the same reason.
With everything back on track, I`m posting some fruit & flowers to liven up your snowbound lives. This only applies to those in colder climes. To those in a warmer area, I wonder if these compare to what is blooming in your areas.
I hope to be back in shape to be posting daily, & do hope I wasn`t too much of a disappointment for all of you who have encouraged me so much with your visits here in the past months.
I must thank you all for that encouragement with all my heart.
In the header, a sunset that links to some 3D`s, one of which is Coconut dunking in my coffee.
On Planet Earth, is the fruit bowl.
You`ll see a Pineapple Guava bloom(red brush), some Tangerines, Grapefruit, Oranges, Cumquats & some green Bananas.
Have a great day & I hope the colors here will inspire a smile.
Good Night, till tomorrow.


AndiF said...

Hiya Head. Missed you and your pictures and sure am glad you're back.

The fresh fruit shots were just delicious.

Beth said...

I was JUST thinking this am that I missed hearing from you, and wondered what you'd been up to. Sorry about your back - hope the work you've been doing has been rewarding. We don't have many flowers down here, but it's still 75 and green, so I'm not complaining. And I'll just enjoy yours in the meantime. Welcome back! (hi andi!)

Knucklehead said...

Hi Andif,
I just downed a big glass of fresh squeezed Tangerine & Orange juice.
When I`m at one of my projects, I constantly get to eat the fruit. The most amazing taste treat, is when the bananas are ripe. They are only about six inches long but taste like three feet long.

Knucklehead said...

Good day Beth,
I just needed to concentrate on finishing up the things lagging in the background.
I`m glad it`s green & 75 for you, & come on back for more blooms tomorrow. Since you don`t have many flowers I`ll shoot a few extra for you.

Evangeline said...


I missed you but I knew you'd be back eventually! What a great selection of photos. Again. Spring seems so far away, though. Snow still rules Montréal. What is Coconut like when he drinks all your coffee?

Evangeline said...

Ha! Dunkin' Coconuts! What a perfect caption!

Knucklehead said...

Hey Evangeline,
Sorry to be gone so long.
A lot of people ask about the effect coffee might have on Coconut.
He has coffee everyday with me & has been a 'dunker' from day one.
He doesn`t get hyperactive if that`s what you`d expect.

olivia said...

Hi Head!

Great to see you back as the others have said above ... :) You've got us all spoiled w/ your daily posting. I hope you're back gets back to normal soon!