Monday, March 17, 2008


Ladies night is here again. Tonight we have a new member in the Lifetime Achievement Award group.
This posting is for Pudsy, a devilish young lady from what little I know.
I chose the colors on the post for her, & I must note that the demeanor of this fish, a Royal Gramma, is very gentle.
The attitude it seems to show here is in reality a defensive position, occasioned by my approach with a large black object, a Nikon.
In my mind, I picture Pudsy as a fun loving gentle blast of color, but one not to be messed with.
In the header, a bunch of specimens from a friend`s tank. For those who may remember Alex, his tank is coming along fine & I`ll soon post more shots of his tank as a whole.
The Planet Earth link has more shots with a little mystery image. Which one matches Miss Olivia`s colorful batch in character, though not in beauty?
Beyond the main post, I have another little pair of surprises for Pudsy.
Pudsy, Have a great day.
For everybody out there in the real world, I hope all is well.
Good night


AndiF said...

It's raining here which means no satellite internet which means I'll be looking at the other pictures later (looking the radar, much later) but I just wanted to mention that among the blenny, blenny, blenny things that I missed while you were away was ... oh darn, I've forgotten what it was I was about to say.

Knucklehead said...

I hope the rain is a good thing for you & your area.
We`ve had blenny of it here so far this season.
I don`t know why we talk around a subject when there`s blenny of reasons not too. Well have a nice day, & I hope the weather clears up blenny quick.

olivia said...

Hi Head, hi Andi.

Head -- What a great post. Can't wait to see Pudsy's reaction. :D

As for the mystery pix, how'd you do that w/ the little question mark? LOL ... I think DSCN6666 is pretty colourful!

Knucklehead said...

What I do is upload a pic, then before that`s finished, I try & open it. It works every time.
The 666fish is a Siganus guttatus, or Goldspotted Rabbitfish. It`s a venomous fish.

olivia said...

LOL Head!

I'll remember that 'trick' for next time ... ;P

Knucklehead said...

OH OH!!,
I think I`m in trouble now.

olivia said...

Never ... :)

Pudsy said...


Well, that was better than the goose bumps I get when I hear the opening riff to "Have A Cigar"...

..and I thought I was a woman of mystery and intrigue *gales of laughter* You sized me up *ahem* frightfully well! I love it - you made my day! *ear-to-ear grin*

Knucklehead said...

"You`re gonna fly high, never gonna die, You`re gonna make it if you try"
I`m almost out of notches. You just jumped up a few, being a Pink Floyd fan.
If you remember what I replied to you on Winter Soldier, you`ll know that I`m the selfish one. This blog is up, to make people feel special.
When it does I bank the reward to invest in others that I find special.
Thanks for adding to the account Pudsy.
Sizing fellow terrans up is what I do, now tuck your ears back where they belong.

NDD said...

Whell! as Jack Blenny used to say, if that's an image of Royal Grandma at her gentle-est, I'd hate to see her riled up!

I'd not let any of my appendages dangle too close to that one!!!!!

Knucklehead said...

Hey NDD,
Especially a dangely noodley one.