Thursday, March 27, 2008


Scotch Broom is what I`ve always known this to be called. It grows in a very specific elevation & in only one canyon in great numbers here in Malibu. As you start up & over the canyon, you`d start to see it at about one mile & continuously for another two. That`s it. It is on both sides of the road & grows up to about 20 feet tall. A tea can be brewed out of the petals, although I haven`t tried that yet. The smell of these blooms is awesome, & will scent the whole canyon in a few weeks when they really go off. I used to pick a bunch (it`s illegal) & drill a 1 1/2 " hole part way into the end of a wooden beam, creating a vase. I always had a bunch at my work sites when they were in bloom. I`ll make one & show you. A bit of water in the bore hole would keep the ends dampened for a good while.
The header is made from some blooms on a mini tree I got from a neighbor to one of my project sites a few days ago. I surprised Teri with it. The other, more mauve, blossoms in the header link, are from some very tall trees growing in the same canyon as the Scotch Broom, although I have no idea what they are. They are maybe 30 feet tall & covered with these blooms.
On Planet Earth, tonight`s sunset. Since the earth rotated the roof-top observatory leaving me to see the sunset through these large trees I haven`t been shooting it much, but I have many other vantage points I will be trying soon. There are a few more blossoms beyond the sunset.
That`s my floral arrangements for tonight. I hope you enjoy them, & do have a pleasant day tomorrow, please.


AndiF said...

Gorgeous flowers and even more gorgeous sunset. I continue to be very jealous of your spring blooming.

Knucklehead said...

Hi Andif,
I think I`ll go down to the beach & take a few sunset shots this week end.
The spring blooms are definitely going off here. I wish I could take some shots of the mountain hillsides here that are covered in Mustard grass & Mountain Lupin.
Till then I always have my back yard.