Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Tonight for ladies night, a post for a special lady. A big fan of the Blenny postings on this blog, tonight that`s all I am posting in her honor. The main post has a few unusual Blennys linked to it. The image on the front page is called "Beach Master" as it reminds me of the huge seals guarding their harems.
On Planet Earth, the Red Spotted Blenny has the measles.
Andif, one of the earliest risers in history is always here when I get up & check what`s going on in the world, & I can always count on having my day brightened by her first morning comments.
Although I used to enjoy her postings of her wonderful photography at the BooMan Tribune, I miss them now that the cafe there is closed.
Well Andif, here`s to you & thanks for being the sunrise here on White Knuckles.
Have a nice day everybody.


AndiF said...

Wow I've got plenty of blenny and blenny's plenty for me. :)

Thanks Head. These are all great. I don't think I can possibly pick a favorite but it's probably somewhere among CONQUORING EVEREST DSCN4257, DSCN9760, DSCN4738, DSCN4989, and 2 DSCN4698

And if you want to visit through winter in Indiana, here's my photo album. [LINK]

Beth said...

Morning andif! I was thinking last night how I miss waking up to your pictures...and voila! Thanks for a whole bucketfull.

Unlurking (de-lurking?) to say good morning to 'head, as well. And your watery friends. Nice to see you back on a regular basis!

Back to packing and cleaning and writing and gnashing of teeth.

dada said...

ahhhh…it's always good to see the blenny hill gangis still up to the task…but l'm not convinced that andi is little miss sunshine…whatever happened to her curmudgeonly rep?…:{)

olivia said...

Hi Head, Andi, Beth, d.

Yep, the colours are much richer over here ... ;-) Blenny is surrounded by the brightest green and pink.

Knucklehead said...

Wow Andif,
Amazing images on your link.
Weeds, Snow Squall, Blue Squall , Inlet , Ice flow etc etc . I`m going to go back in a few & study them all. What a nice back yard you have.

Knucklehead said...

Hi Beth,
The packing, cleaning , writing & gnashing of teeth is a far cry from the girl I remember from last week.
It`s nice to see you drop in also. Have a good day Beth.

Knucklehead said...

dada, I don`t know about your interaction with Andif, but she`s always a welcome ray of sunrise around here, so youse guys take it outside.
Are you near the bad water area, or is that just a scare?

Knucklehead said...

Hi Olivia,
So you do see the difference eh?
You know, I don`t think I`ve ever seen an image on a PC. It might sound strange but I guess I just don`t get out much.

Anonymous said...

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