Monday, March 31, 2008


 Amor Veneris, vel dulcedo DSCN7256
"Amor Veneris, vel dulcedo"
It`s a little strange that I reveal some of my past experiences but going through some of my files from my post- doctoral studies, I came across this. I had not really forgotten about this particular paper I wrote, rather, I guess, I preferred to stash it away in the back of my mind.
In the early seventies while doing some of my research at the Allen Memorial Institute, in molecular biology, I came across a study on extra-terrestrial organic metals & the possibilities of organic reproduction in non human survivability conditions. (NHSC)
I had to go through the usual UFO "experts" accumulations of the worst drivel one can imagine, but then I met someone who was very convincing in his theoretical & practical knowledge of organic metals. As we became more comfortable with each other, as fellow researchers, he let me in on a few of his secrets. I have no idea of the origin of some of his specimens but suffice it to say, I didn`t really care. The unreal nature of some of his discoveries, or finds, led me to the conclusion that he appreciated the fact that I was not concerned in their origins as much as the artifacts themselves. The one pictured here is made of a substance I`ve never experienced before. I say "experienced" because to see it, feel it, smell it, & hold it was quite unbelievable. It felt warm, yet cold at the same time. It seemed like there was no time progression in it`s state, because over the period of about two months it never seemed to be any different. It didn`t dry out, yet it wasn`t wet nor even damp. It was like no other state of matter I had ever seen or heard about.
I was allowed the privilege of taking some shots of this particular specimen & no other one would have given me as much satisfaction for the same privilege. He finally started a discussion on organic metals, I believe as a way to introduce me to some of his heretofore unspoken of discoveries, especially concerning this one. From what I could understand, his claim was that this was a life-form`s precursor to reproducing itself, by morphing into it`s future embodiment. He was explaining this phenomenon when I noticed, in front of my eyes, the form of what appeared to be a female merging into itself from what was moments earlier a seemingly solid item. It began to give off a reddish glow, or maybe a glow was growing from inside it.
When he realized that I was seeing this transformation, everything changed. His attitude became one of distrust. This was almost immediate. He gave me a quick brush off with a flimsy excuse about something or other, then closed the case that this specimen & a few other ones were stored in.
He then proceeded to act like everything was just fine, & that after his trip to Tuscon the next week, we`d get together again.
I never saw him again. I tried for a few years to locate him at different institutes he had mentioned during our approximately 6 month collaborations.
The only thing that I`m almost convinced of, is that he overlooked the fact that I had taken a few shots of this unusual item. I had noticed on the top of the compartment of the storage case where this one was kept, a small inscription.
"Amor Veneris, vel dulcedo"
I hope one day to meet him again, to learn more about what happened that last day, but until then & up till now, I`m mystified. If any of you have .. no it`s ok.
I`m rambling now.
Please have a nice day tomorrow.
For Andif, I have a few edges from our reef rock garden, over on Planet Earth.
Beyond the main post image is a walk through Vilija`s Garden. Enjoy & be kind to animals, please.


AndiF said...

Thanks for the edge. We've had storms so I'm stuck on dial-up but those were worth the wait, especially DSCN7187.

And umm, interesting story.

dada said...

l'll posit your friend is now working on the virgle project…ims, it's based in area 51…sign up today.

AndiF said...

Today's lesson in living: pay attention to the date.

olivia said...

I'm speechless .............

Pudsy said...

Just wanted to stop by and ended up gettin pulled right in! That is quite a photograph, Head!! and a whoozie of a story!

Knucklehead said...

Hi Andif,
The edges in the Planet Earth series are from the Reef garden here. I have a bunch more & I`ve caught myself looking for edges to post when I`m on walkabout.
Yes the story is very interesting to revisit even for myself. It seems that it comes up on a specific date & always the same one, year after year. The characters in the story & the recounting of it are prone to change, depending on the strength of my recollection at the time.

Knucklehead said...

dada, I`ve been there before. It`s very interesting, but a little dry for me, & the breezes are rare.
Plus, it`s a heel of a long haul. Happy April Fools day to you, also.

Knucklehead said...

One must always be aware of one`s surroundings, including time & space.

Knucklehead said...

Hi Olivia,
I`ve got some real nice colours coming at you shortly. Sometimes our minds play tricks on us, & sometimes our minds play tricks on others.
And sometimes we are of like minds.

Knucklehead said...

Hello, Pudsy,
I don`t know if you knew I used to knit. I even spun my own yarn.
Sometimes I can put out quite a yarn, too.
I usually do on April 1st.
Nice to see you again.
And please do come back. There are no strangers in this house.

Anonymous said...

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