Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This is a California Poppy (I think) that I found today. I`ll be on a bit of a flower binge for a little while, because everything here is blooming. It`s almost as if I can`t keep up with them.
There is a series of them beyond the main post. There is an amazing glossy sheen on the petals of this bloom.
On Planet Earth, a lovely little wild flower, as big as a babies thumb. It seems so complicated for such a fragile looking small blossom, but it`s color caught my attention. It was a soloist in an orchestra of sunlight.
In the header, a bunch of succulents with an "edge" shot for Andif.
By the way, if you haven`t checked out the link Andif put in her comment yesterday, I highly recommend you do so.
Have a great day & spring hopes eternal.
Good Night


AndiF said...

That's really lovely. I'm so jealous but I'm hoping to have some blooms of my own (redbuds and dogwoods) in two or three weeks. Sadly, I'm without the satellite internet again (hello rain) so the rest of the flower show will have to wait.

Thanks for the lovely comments in the last post and this one on my winter album.

And in defense of dada, I'm pretty much a cranky geezer everywhere but here (and olivia's). :)

Knucklehead said...

Good morning Andif
I`m sorry about your loss of satellite connection (if you are).
You are welcome, the winter album is amazing.

I was stirring up the pot with dada & all in fun.

olivia said...

Hi Head, Andi.

I'm excited that you're going on a flower binge, Head. It's the best news I've had all day ... :D

This poppy is really lovely -- I like the bright colours and I like the edges of the petals. It's another pop-off-the-page photo. And the image you have over in planet earth is amazing. Like you said, it's amazing how intricate it is being so small. Amazing.

olivia said...

Just re-read my comment and I used amazing three times in the last three sentences ... ugh. It's been a long day. A non-amazing day at that ... ;)