Saturday, March 29, 2008


These panels were constructed in my workshop, using only flowers growing wild in our yard, a few clicks & my homework tricks.
I couldn`t let Andif down seeing as her flowers haven`t shown themselves yet. I expect a return on this investment when her wildflowers bloom. (hint, hint)
On Planet Earth, a cactus in our reef garden, I call the "Pope`s Hat", has a few blooms on it. It will flower periodically over the summer. I`m quite surprised that it is blooming so early & that it is at all, since we transplanted it from our other house just a few months ago.
Have a great week end.

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AndiF said...

The panel is really cool. Another bouquet that was hard to pick a favorite from but I thought ROCK GARDEN DSCN7071 was especially fine.

Sorry to say that your investment will probably have limited returns -- we get more frost flowers than wildflowers.