Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This I took while a few kids were over this afternoon, playing with little animals. This leopard is on my hammock stalking a shark.
Hey, they`re kids.
I think all the images behind this one are wild flowers from my yard.
In the header, petals, fallen from grace from a large tree covered in blooms the size or big oranges but of this color.
On Planet Earth, my favorite blossom, Coconut.
He & I put on a little impromptu show for the kids & a few adults. We got a nice round of applause, which Coconut adores getting. I started singing "She`ll be coming around the mountain", knowing full well that as soon as I start banging my foot to the beat, he starts dancing & shaking his head to the beat. He ends in a flourish & a big squawking finale. Then expects applause, which he obviously takes pleasure in accepting. Flowers on the planet are also from the yard but get a little more attention than the wild ones which I prefer not to tame.
Have a beautiful spring day if at all possible.
Good night.


AndiF said...

I was quite taken with DSCN7882.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day and today promises to be another ... and then we drop from highs in the 70s to highs in the 50s with thunderstorms. Sigh.

I do think spring is just about ready to get insistent about making a real appearance -- the redbuds and dogwoods are almost ready to blossom.

Evangeline said...

I think Coconut has the same effect on me as Blenny has on Andif. I sure wish I could see him doing his show. I’ve heard from a third party that he’s really amazing. Tell him I love his yard, will you? Beautiful blend of texture, light and color.

It’s spring here in MontrĂ©al. Too bad someone had to put a silly tune in my head. And I’m sure I’ll wake up with it tomorrow!

Take care.

Knucklehead said...

Well, it`s about time isn`t it. I can`t wait to see some of those blooms.
The image you mention is one of thousands I have on both sides of the house. front & back.

Knucklehead said...

Sorry about that ear monster. I actually used to do it on purpose, & take bets that I could make a painter working on the same job-site, sing Elvis Presley tunes. I`d walk through the area he was working in & hum or sing a few bars. Hours later, we`d go into that area, & he would be invariably singing that tune, or another one by Elvis.
What the bettors didn`t know was that he was a total Elvis freak. He had shown me his car interior that he`d painted in a tribute to Elvis.