Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My friend Vilija, who as you must know by now, has some lovely gardens, gave me a box of assorted Jelly Belly beans a few days ago. I accepted them with the idea that I could send a little color along for you color starved guests here.
Beyond the header, there`s a coked out reefer, a few bottles & a cut crystal votive candle holder beneath a tonged blue vase.
For those who like to torque their brains a little, I included a few 3D`s, one of which I reflected, but I did wonder if that made it 4D, or .... NOT.
Since I`ve been on edges a little, lately, I included some of them on Planet Earth, commencing with nothing less than a little globe of pricks. (Over on the side Andif, your issue for the day)
I hope you liked my little story presented on the dedicated day of fools yesterday.
Have a nice day tomorrow, & if anyone would like to know what that specimen was, I`ll be glad to oblige.
Just ask yourself though, "Do I really want to know?"


olivia said...

I beat Andi! I beat Andi! ... :)

G'morning Head, Andi.

Love the colour, what fun! And the perspective ... nicely done. (And of course I just bought some black jelly bellies Monday. My favourite flavour.)

As for yesterday's image, you're right ... I'm not sure I want to know and spoil the intrigue of it all.

AndiF said...

Hey O. And for that amazing achievement you win ... less time in bed!

Great shot, Head. Love the reef photos, especially DSCN7184.

olivia said...

lol ... yeah, some prize. :)

Knucklehead said...

Olivia`s war cry.
"IBA", "IBA".
I have a complete recipe chart on how to make up Jelly Belly cocktails by mixing one or more flavors to get that special oral orgasm.
For example;
A Banana Split,
1 Top Banana
1 Chocolate pudding
1 Crushed Pineapple
1 Strawberry Jam
1 Very Cherry
1 A&W Cream Soda
It also gives the caloric content.
The Banana Split has 24 calories.
They also have some new flavors, such as
Buttered Toast,TABASCO flavored Cinnamon & Honey Graham Cracker.
But like they say, once you go black, you don`t go back.

Knucklehead said...

Good comeback.
Your interest in edges & such, has me looking where I might not have looked before.
It`s "the eye" , as in, "You sure have an eye for it".

Knucklehead said...

That balloon is zipping around the room deflating & making strange sounds.