Wednesday, April 9, 2008


 porthole 4 DSCN7769
A welcome home post for Beth, who has been traipsing cross-country & has finally arrived in Colorado.
Beth, here`s a sunset curled in the wave of a Gladiola. Now you can curl up in a sunset & have a deserved rest.
While shooting the progress of the sole Gladiola blooming at home, I was using a background I made.
It`s a white poster-board over which I stretched a black t-shirt on one half of it. That way I have two different backgrounds at my disposal while carrying only one.
While shooting from different angles I shot some upside down & holding the camera on the other side of the flower,but had forgotten to move the background board to my side.
This allowed the shot to be taken to include everything behind me.
After downloading the shots, I previewed them & found that I had inadvertently captured the sunset in one shot.
I had then noticed the backer board & put it on the proper side of the flower & took a few more shots.
This shot is a composite shot but is how the surprise one is configured.
Tomorrow, I will repeat the same shot & hope I can do a little better than the one I unknowingly shot.
On Planet Earth, I`m collecting up all the fuzzy blankets you might have been using over the colder months, as I understand spring is spranging everywhere. So I will need to collect Pink Fuzzy blankets, & I know there are some red ones & at least a pastel blue one still unaccounted for. Give them up.
The purple fuzzy one there is a Mexican Sage plant.
Have a warm day tomorrow & for the rest of the season.
Good Night


AndiF said...

What a lovely way to welcome Beth "home".

I was particularly taken with the way the stark background set off the flower in DSCN7744 and DSCN7748.

Beth said...

Thanks for thinking of me, head! And andi. I'll keep those colors in mind as I look out the window at white snow and gray skies. Am trying to view it as a winter wonderland...

Very cool picture!

Knucklehead said...

Those two you mention are backed by my homemade light studio.
A piece of white cardboard.
Tonight I`m going to try & shoot the main post image again without replacing the sunset.
It`s always nice to come home to a warm welcome, as I`m sure she received, on her visit to your home & woods.

Knucklehead said...

It`s cool to have a warm picture, right.