Sunday, April 6, 2008


A little collection of some of the flowers growing in the yard.
I discover new blossoms coming out everyday.
I`m off to sleep, but before I go,....
Have a great warm day tomorrow.
PS, I hope you liked the cute newt.


AndiF said...

Well I was just going to say how much I liked DSCN7600, DSCN7566, and DSCN7573 but then I went to Planet Earth and I have to say you sure do know how to shake a person out of their flower photos complacency.

olivia said...

Oh Head, that is just gorgeous!

Knucklehead said...

I guess I`m going to keep shaking the complacency tree, because I spotted some more today, while visiting friends down the road.
So, there should be an early morning shaker once I load some, later tonight.
I liked the "peek-a-boo" ones you picked also.
Thank you.

Knucklehead said...

Time stamps are a record that will be relied upon in a court of law. I just about sideswiped you on the way in. You do always have the right of way with me though. I hope you weren`t hurt.

Evangeline said...


Spring has finally sprung here in Qu├ębec, but I'll never see a beautiful landscape like yours from my window.

Loved that newt in your hand, yesterday. He doesn't even look scared. 'Wonder what was going through his mind?

Knucklehead said...

I`d say the same thing as in mine, "I hope it`s not evil". It`s more than likely that he had no clue of what I was, other than possibly a large newt enant in his pond.
He might have been wondering if I thought he looked newtritious though.
Les champs d`fleurs son beau on hosti, eh!!?
Le drole dans l`utube, avec le program de conseil aux caves avec leur`s problemes sexual, y`est comic en cyboire, aussi.

olivia said...

I just about sideswiped you on the way in.

LOL Head