Friday, April 11, 2008


A little bit of a set back for those who`s spring has retracted, obligated my posting of more colors for you.
Just imagine how great it will be after this false alarm. I hope the robins & crocuses are OK.
There`s a lot of green over on Planet Earth, even though we think of it as the "Blue Planet".
The header will take you to a low wattage light show.
Behind the main post is a shot I tried to recreate, following the surprise sunset shot in the Gladiola wave on yesterday`s post.
Have a great weekend, & try to stay warm & dry.


Evangeline said...

Hi KH!

You've really treated us to fantastic sights this week. I browsed around your albums yesterday with the Gypsy (Gitane) on the phone. We had a great time in your flowers!

Reminder: Dada's Blues Legacy is on tonight 6 to 9. Don't miss it!

PS - I'm glad you enjoyed the Les Bougon link I sent you. If you want more, just say the word.

Knucklehead said...

Hi Evangeline,
I have dada`s station on as we speak.
I don`t want to get the time zone messed up, & miss part of it.
Vas jouer d`ains fluers, hosti!!
The youtube link you sent, has plenty more.
I wish I`d have seen the show on TV though.
The Quebecois is fantastic.

AndiF said...

Gorgeous flower and that set in Plant Earth is so good I can't even pick a favorite. We're having a brief retreat of spring here, too. No snow, thank the FSM, but lows below freezing. Yuck.

olivia said...

Hi Head!

My comment is gone. I thought I left one earlier. Did you see it come through?

(I might be losing it ... ;)

Knucklehead said...

Well Olivia,
If you left a comment & it is not showing, it would seem that I & any other comment readers are the losers, not you, since you know what you posted.

Knucklehead said...

Andif, I try & keep something on Planet Earth for your special interests.
Since you can`t pick a favorite, I guess I can only try harder. Hah
Thank you.