Sunday, April 20, 2008




Beth said...

Great photos, 'head! Thanks for sharing. Of course we know that you both still look exactly the same...time plays tricks on our perspectives.

I now have great images to carry in my head when I think of you!

Happy Sunday...

Knucklehead said...

Hi Beth,
What a lovely thought.
I always remember Chris that way. These two images are the last photos of her with my daughter Candice, & with myself. Chris, died a few weeks after they were taken. I just was putting up a post for my daughter, & all my friends (of course), as part of our lives. Her final words were, "Take care of the baby", 25 years ago, yesterday. My daughter will love it. And yes, I still think I take care of my daughter, although she is very independent. It`s also why I made this as a 'stand alone' post.

Beth said...

I didn't know about Chris - this is indeed a nice way to remember her. And I'm sure you still take care of your daughter - good dads do. Thanks for sharing.

Knucklehead said...

A happy Sunday to you also Beth.
Someone asked my daughter, when she was almost four, where she got her good looks.
Surprised at my daughter`s answer of, "not from my dad", he asked why she`d said that.
"Because my dad still has his", was the innocent reply. The person was floored & burst out laughing.
Now, things like that, make a dad, 'prouder`n shit'

AndiF said...

It's a lovely post, Head. Thank you for sharing those photos with us.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks Andif,
I`ve never really done this before.

Evangeline said...

Hi KH,

'Great to see Chris again. A beautiful lady. I was lucky to have met her that once. I believe that was the time we went on a rampage through downtown Montreal and ripped up the highway all the way to Ottawa to shoot pool.

Thanks for the great memories!

Knucklehead said...

That`s correct & if I remember correctly, you decided to take the bus back, from Ottawa.
That was probably due to time schedules though.(Ya, right)
Although you`ve never been driven to Ottawa that fast, nor since either, I`d bet.
What I found strange at the time was how long it took to slow down from 120+MPH till when the speedometer would even register. I wasn`t used to the gas saving idiocy of having speedometers only register up to only 85 MPH.
As for rampages in Montreal, one must remember, I drove cab there & was a personal driver to two business men, one of whom I`d drive to New York, on a regular basis.
I also won the pool games, & you still owe me two bucks.
Now, Thank you, for those memories.

Anonymous said...

Hey KH,

Great photos of you three!
Lovely lady Chris was.
Didn't I meet her? (At the house or cottage?)

How about our experience in that Dundas pool room! Were you really planning to walk away with the ridiculous wall-mounted stuffed moosehead? As I recall, you finally settled for the unfortunate fox skin, much easier to carry.

Do you remember having a good chuckle when this pretentious bad-ass wannabe came up to us, slapped some cash down on the table and asked if we wanted to shoot pool with a real man? And I asked when he was expecting him to show up.


Knucklehead said...

Oh ya, I surely do remember the Dundas pool hall.
On the way out, after a big confrontation over a pool ball Candice had innocently picked up off another table, I saw mom & dad seated at a table just outside the pool table area, & was introducing them to another person we`d met in the pool hall. The owner rushed over to apologize to mom & dad for the intruding bum that was bothering them.
Mom asked him why he thought her son was a bum. Oops.
So it was on. A week later, I went & yanked a wolf-skin off the wall, right in his face, walked out & ran through back yards & over to Andi`s, & put it in the freezer.
The End?
Ben non, hosti!!
A few weeks later coming back over the border, I was being searched, & the man was spreading my stuff everywhere, as Candice was picking it up & putting it back into suitcases that were open but not yet finished being searched when one of the searchers jumped back & let out a little yell.
They wanted to know what the hell I was doing with a wolf in my bags. I told them that wasn`t a wolf, it was my dog Prince. Knowing they were dealing with a subversive, I then had to explain. I told them that 15 years previously, I`d taken my van & my dog , on a trip to Chicago. While there, a friend back in California, was killed & I`d had to fly back. Not able to take my dog, I tasked my friends with taking care of Prince.
Then, recently, while I visited some of my same friends, they told me they had taken good care of my dog, & that he was in the other room. The assholes had skinned the dog, as bikers will.
So I was heading back to Caalifornia, & had decided if it was the last thing I did, I`d take my daughter to see Canada.
So here I am, with my daughter & my dog.
They told me to get on the bus & not to darken their threshold again with my shadow.
Stupid, f..king idiots. haha.

The pretentious asshole didn`t know he was standing in front of a whole family of real men, the lucky bastard. It is amazing though how we always were able to show others what we were made of, by being able to insult them so categorically & with a smile that makes them wonder, what just happened.

Pudsy said...

Well, this entire thread just made me well up with tears. You are an one cool cat, 'head. You should write a book (pardon me if you already have and I'm unaware..)...Any publisher worth his salt would snatch up your life tale(s) in a second!

Knucklehead said...

It really is nice of you to brighten my day.
Thank you for the kind words.
"One cool cat" winks, at you.