Thursday, April 3, 2008


This little speedster is looking around to see if MsNDD noticed this post was for her.
When it started to rain last night, I took the opportunity to go snail hunting. After spotting one I decided to shoot a few for MsNDD, as I was just about to respond to a comment she had posted.
In lieu of a response, I decided to spend more time getting some garden shots for her.
I was going to post last night, but just before post time, the FIOS, went dead.
Well, here we are now, a day later, & a bathed garden.
In the header, Chasing The Dragon, leads back into the main post image,
but on Planet Earth, we have edges,sedges, but no pledges.
Have a nice day, & pray for the sailors who perished in the Gulf Of St. Lawrence, in thick ice.
I`m quite familiar with the ice conditions in that exact area, & almost lost my life along with 20 other crew members at the very location.
I was as close to a roll over as is possible without going bottom`s up. A horrifying situation.
I often relive those adventures, & did so this morning when hearing of the sailors demise.


olivia said...

Hi Head.

I really love this one ... the subject, the detail on the snail's body is exquisite!, the detail on the shell, the lighting ... everything about it. That you went out snail-hunting even. Love it.

I've heard a lot about the tragedy here, including listening to the stories of those who were able to escape and those who watched in horror as it happened. A lot of questions being asked about why the crew remained on the boat while it was being towed etc.

Evangeline said...

Hi KH,

Totally amazing. I couldn't put it any better than Olivia did. Love it. Don't know how you do it.

About the sailors: Your post brought back memories from the seventies: how everybody was worried about your fate in the St. Lawrence and how people you didn't even know were setting up to party in Montréal once you and the crew were safe. Another one of your (many) adventures. Or should I say close calls.

Knucklehead said...

Olivia, & Evangeline,( Evangeline, I just added your name, realizing that Olivia, would have no clue who Gary was.)
When it rains, they come out.
The transparent flesh of it`s body is pretty trippy.
I can`t believe what Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd) said.
It`s fine to be anti seal hunt, (I am, all day) but to say he didn`t care about the hunters ( "gorillas, a cigarette butt in their mouths, approaching defenseless seal pups, with a club") lives, is a little over the top. In his position, he could have brought his anti-whaling & anti-sealing agenda, to a more enlightened level, had he used a better turn of phrase.
He sure didn`t do the seals & whales any favors with his talk. As Gary Walker said, 45 years ago, "Speak well of the dead".
Did you notice the name of the Mayor of the ILES DE LA Madeleine ; Joel Arsenau

Knucklehead said...

"Don't know how you do it."
By getting soaking wet hunting snails.
I had to stop numerous times to clear the water splashes off the lens.
They`re so much easier than fish, because of their lack of rapid locomotion capabilities.
Did you know what the snail said while riding on top of a turtle?
I have a bit of commentary in a response to Olivia, upthread.
I had some pretty hairball experiences in the Pacific on the MV Rogue, also. Sometimes falling overboard was a pleasure, but it`s easy to get vertigo. Inner space is an amazing place.

olivia said...

Hi Evangeline!

Anonymous said...

Hey KH!

I knew Captain Erb's crew had lived an extraordinary experience but I never realized there was such danger involved aboard the Answer. Glad you're very much alive.

Left our Imperial Dam desert location March 5. Spent close to a month on South Padre Island TX for deliciously intense windsurfing. Now hanging out in Central Louisiana for a few days before moving Northeast to Nashville.

Should be in Magog approx April 18th. Looking forward to reuniting with my home computer and a more regular contact with you via e-mail and blog.

All the best,

Knucklehead said...

What`s up mate.
I heard about the windsurfing you were doing. If you were on South Padre Island beaches, you could`ve almost walked over to see Frankie, in Haiti, without getting your ears wet. I understand the coastal shelf there extends a long way out. In water that shallow, is there much danger during "face-plants"?
You might want to look up some of our relatives, while you`re in Cajun Country.
Just look for somebody that talks like a mixture of Charles Leblanc, grandma from Convent street.
J`vas marche au corner pour voire si ya la church tonight.
If I don`t reach you on your birthday, it`s because you`ll be traveling through Amish country in Pa. on the way home.