Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nothing But Blue

This is what you wanted I think, Andif.
This Blue Tang can grow to a foot in length, but she`s just fine at this size for my liking.
It is quite a prized fish.
On Planet Earth, a Tomato Clown.
I`m getting used to shooting this reef, now, & refining a few techniques to capture these fish at their best.
I also included a self portrait near the reef so one can see a bit of scale to the tank.
Have a nice warm day you freezers out there.


AndiF said...

Thanks Head for the close-up; it's spectacular. Though, in truth, I always want whatever you want to post. :)

On Plant Earth, the FISH GUY DSCN8589 is the star. :D

olivia said...

LOL Andi ... that's what I think too! I like the surprise -- never know what we'll find! :)

LOL Head re: the fish names, :P ... funny. I knew that the marine betta was a marine betta -- now that you've mentioned it, that is. ;-) I love that fish. The milky way of fish.