Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Congratulations to the world for this day.
And thanks for keeping the hope alive.
The header, Planet Earth & the main post are all linked.
Have a great rest of your lives.


AndiF said...

Fun post, Head. Great day.

The Brittle Star set is freaky cool, especially DSCN7764.

But the Live Reef set may be the most gorgeous gathering of color and life you've ever done. I'm not even going to try to pick out a favorite; it's just not possible.

Knucklehead said...

In that particular shot, you can see a technique, among three or four others, that the star uses to capture food.
In Kung Fu, I call it the "Basket Weave".
If anything happens to drift by in the water current, & enters the basket, it twists itself in, tightening the size of the basket & trapping the food. The food is then passed down towards the oral disc, to be consumed.
I`ll post it`s eating apparatus, tonight if I can find some nice shots.
And yes, I like the way the reef is coming along. I have a large cleaning crew coming in to tidy a bunch of loose ends.
The crew;
30/40 snails (3 different kinds)
20/30 Hermit crabs
4/6 larger Emerald crabs or Sally Lightfoots.
2/3 Lawnmower Blennies
Some Electric Blue Hermits

olivia said...

Great collage Head! Love it ... :)