Monday, January 26, 2009


This Lawnmower Blenny is checking to make sure it`s OK to come out & enjoy the new week.
I hope yours is going to be a good one.
On Planet Earth, there`s a truckload of various images, & the header is
Sat. evening`s sunset, a merge of three shots.
Have a nice day.


AndiF said...

The blenny has confided in me that it's a little peeved that it had to share its photo set with a clown. :)

Gorgeous sunset.

DSCN2832 is an amazing capture.

And I liked MOUTH a lot ... what's the story on taking that picture?

olivia said...

Morning Head, morning Andi.

LOL, cute shot. I love the little wisps sticking up ... :-)

And I love the sunset and tree silhouettes ... wow. Dramatic and gorgeous.

Knucklehead said...

I`ve got a few more voyeurs coming soon.
Right now they`re at a convention at the Peking Hilton.
My sunsets are spoilers.
The Blue-eyed dragonfly with the brown fur.
That was taken at my project pond.
I`m going to shoot the pond in the next few days.
The "Mouth" is one of our rescues. That one is a baby Mockingbird. It`s out in the aviary on a big springy rope coil, squawking for more food.

Knucklehead said...

Blennies are the funniest little fish.
I`m going to be getting 3/4 more this week.
They`ll help me keep the reef clean.