Monday, January 26, 2009


I finally figured how to shoot the Blue Queen.
At night with only the purple Actinic lights on, with the flash set for fluorescent lights.
This image has only been cropped & nothing else.
In the past, the blue would all wash out except for some shots that I considered to be lucky ones.
Well I better get some shut-eye.
I have tonight`s sunset in the header along with some tree lightning.
On Planet Earth, a product endorsement for dry skin. It`s called "SHED".
Have a nice day, it should be coming up soon, for those East of here.


Knucklehead said...

I wanted to mention that I shot the fish you wondered about.
It`s an Engineer Goby.
It`s quite secretive & hard to get a full bodied shot, but I`ll keep trying.
I included some shots in the main post link.

AndiF said...


I'm so not blue about seeing more of the Blue Queen.

Thanks Head for the identifying the fish and the additional shots.

olivia said...

LOL, morning Head and Andi.

Beautiful rich colour Head. Thanks for explaining the technique you used to capture it. The colours are always so vibrant in your photos (which someone also pointed out at ET a couple weeks ago I think).

Was just looking through the Blue Queen set. Head -- could you tell us what the names of those fish are? Is the Engineer Goby the striped one? I love DSCN8485 -- it looks like he's peeking. What is the name of the black fish w/ white -- it looks like the stars on a clear black night?

Knucklehead said...

I think I might just have something for you then.
How about a close-up.
It`s just past light`s out for half the tank, & the queen loves to play with me at that time. She comes to the glass & I pretend I`m scratching her.
I`m uploading some of her now.
We`ll see.
The Engineer is getting to know me more & more.
It takes a while to get individuals to know you.
Some of my fish I`ve had for over five/six years, & those I can feed by hand, but still if a newer fish panics at my hand in the tank, they all scatter & a lot of my "get to know them" gets lost for a few days.

Knucklehead said...

The names, in order of appearance;


The blue is a Blue Tang (There`s a little "tang" at their tail, a very sharp weapon. I`ll get a pic of it for you.)
The one you asked about, yellow & black & long, is the Engineer Goby.
The field of stars is a Marine Betta, or Comet, a fabulously beautiful fish. I`ve had that one for years.