Friday, January 16, 2009


I had tried something new today, or I should say I finally figured it out today, something you can see on Planet Earth.
Later I decided to try a different approach & shot my magnifying loupe, took a few images of the poppies I shot today & created
A similar effect.
I`ll have to perfect my tests & how I shoot potential later objects I might use to go a little further with this.
For instance, the way I have to shoot the two images I want to create that effect with. Because the only way to shoot a real magnified picture is to have the loupe straight on, I don`t really have to worry about reshooting that image to get the desired results.
Though I`m not that pleased with the one I presently have. That one btw, is a composite of two shots. One of me holding the loupe by the tip of the handle, & the other holding it by the glass.
I was going to throw it into the air & shoot it in one shot, but my aim is not that good, & I really like that old magnifying glass.
Have a nice warm week end.
Oh!! The "EMBRACE".
I was in someone`s wine cellar today & spotted this tile leaning up against the wall by the wine barrels. I figured why not shoot it in case they are never reunited. "LAST EMBRACE" is linked behind the poppy.


AndiF said...

Really nifty effect. My favorites are DSCN7528 and DSCN7550.

NDD said...

Yep, nifty all right! The large images at flickr are just awesome.

I bet keeping the camera lens at a right angle relative to the loupe is a bit of a challenge, almost seems like it would take two people to do that.

dada said...

très frais…l should try that with my reducing glass / loupe.

Knucklehead said...

Imagining is my friend.

Knucklehead said...

I was thinking of making a holding rack that would keep a constant distance & focused frame that also locked in parallel, the loupe & camera.

Knucklehead said...

I try pretty much anything & everything that comes thru my old breadbasket head. I do sometimes get crumby ideas though.