Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here in a somewhat large format for 'shock value' is an Oscelaris.
The strange behavior shown here is usually when clownfish are getting acquainted with an anemone.
It seems that they get each other used to them & start a lifelong relationship (In a perfect marine world).
Here though, the clownfish is suckling on the polyps of a large leather coral.
This shot is taken directly against the glass, (1/2") with the Oscelaris about 1" away, inside the coral.
Strangely enough, (I may try this) the fish is in a trancelike state, maybe a result of sucking on something I imagine is not that healthy, for normal human beings.
In the header & linked to it are more images of a "cleaning crew" I introduced today.
They are tasked with keeping any algae under control. This allows coralline algae (good kind), to propagate, keeping the surfaces free of bad algae.
On Planet Earth, a few publicity shots of some of the main actors.
I`d suggest that rather than view linked images in a slide show, that you view individual images & even in a larger size, to get the details clearly, rather than in a fuzzy slideshow.
Enjoy your day & the next ones after.
Spring is just around the bend, a really very long sweeping one, but it`s there.


AndiF said...

The close-up gives great detail but I like DSCN8767 more -- it gives such a strong sense of place and relationship.

And in publicity shots, DSCN8804 is clearly the publicity shot for the star of mean streets ... oops ... mean reefs.

NDD said...

Yeah, the large version are the best.

I like that ferocious looking blenny in 8804. He sure blends into his surroundings.

(Just for the record I'm coming at today from today rather than the night before.)

Pudsy said...

I never know what to say when I visit...*blush*....I always feel a little stupid since I'm not a photographer and because I can't comment on your "execution" or anything...All I know is that every single time I stop by, I am completely floored by the beauty of both the photographs and your words..It is just pure magic!(and I know I've said this before - so my apologies) but I just don't know what else to say!
This place. And you. Are just pure magic.

Knucklehead said...

A "blush" like that works for me, big time.
I never built a sunset or a flower, & I have absolutely never "executed" one, but I gaze in wonder at them nonetheless.
But if you must comment on my "execution", please, say a few kind words.
Thank you for coming by, you are always a breath of fresh air.
Now for some magic.
"Poof!!", I`m a knight in shining armor, & I`m riding your way.