Tuesday, January 6, 2009


 BLIGH 2  DSCN7155
Teri`s sons, here for the holiday season, love music.
Here is a nighttime exposure of 2 or 4 seconds in front of the fire down in the yard.
This is Bligh, who is here from Australia.
Linked to this is a set with a little video of him tuning up.
It`s cold comfort to watch lovers frozen in time, although they may contribute eventually to global warming. Check them out on Planet Earth.
In the header, tonight`s sunset, & more images on the progress of my reef
Have a great day, &
Please,... be careful out there.


olivia said...

Morning Head.

The lighting is fantastic. Was there additional lighting on the face (wondering if that's the difference between the red light on the hands vs face)? Very kewl photo.

Knucklehead said...

Good morning Olivia,
I used a flashlight for a little more spotlighting.
It was a spur of the moment experiment really.
Then a little selective highlighting in PS.
"How do you get to Carnegie Hall?"
"Practice, practice, practice."
Thanks Olivia,
Have a great day.