Monday, March 23, 2009


This little fish, somewhat similar to an underwater hummingbird, is also part clown.
Her antics are funny when compared to a Blenny`s routine, which is merely comical.
I hope your upcoming day is as colorful as this diminutive beauty.
There are a few more behind this post, also. But that`s it for tonight.
And please wish good fortune & safety for NDD`s family, & all residents of Fargo & the surrounding area.
They are expecting record flooding, according to recent reports I`ve heard.


AndiF said...

He looks like he wants to go up to you and give you a big, wet smack right on the lips. :)

I especially like DSCN3373 for the way the tail is fanned out -- delicate yet forceful.

MsNDD said...

What an absolutely beautiful fish! In DSCN3364 I do believe he's sending a kiss for good fortune this way. Thank you!!

The colleges & high schools released students from classes these past 2 days to sandbag, & some flood walls should arrive from Louisiana today. There is a lot of effort going into this flood fight.

Knucklehead said...

Yes Andi,
Sometimes my ego allows me to believe she feels that way.
I should have suggested that you check out the "cellophane" fin webbing.

Knucklehead said...

I just assume 'she' is.
I say 'she', because by observation, I know it`s a female.
The male has a tall "sail" as a dorsal fin. I`ll insert a male Mandarin, in my next post, somewhere.

I`m following the saga/drama on the flooding asmuch asI can from down here.

olivia said...

Love the lips! :D

Knucklehead said...

One can almost hear them "smacking".
They look like crumpled tissue paper.
The mouth opening is about as big as a pencil lead. A thin pencil.
It only eats live "bugs", too small for me to see, yet she eats all day long, plucking the food out of little cracks & crannies in the reef rock.