Monday, March 23, 2009


This is one of a set of dolls I pulled out of some boxes.
I`ll surprise my granddaughters with them at Easter.
There are more linked to this one in the "ALLEY OF THE DOLLS"'
Tell me which one you like the most. I have them in different PS modes.
That`s all I posted tonight, sorry.
Have a nice day.


AndiF said...

I liked MARIE ANTOINETTE # 2 DSCN3303 best. But I gotta say that is one serious-looking set of ladies. I guess you can't have any fun when you spend you're whole life dressed up. ;)

MsNDD said...

The main post bride is my favorite ~ but mostly because of the shimmer & glow of her portrait (though she is quite beautiful). My other favorite is the one dressed in purple. She is gorgeous. Is there a history to these dolls?

NDD is on the road back now. Hopefully our flood prevention efforts here will be successful!

Knucklehead said...

I believe their clothes do come off, at appropriate times.
This is their Easter finery. That`s why I`ll be giving them to my "girls" on Easter.
I think in the real days of Marie Antoinette, they had to have their 'coiffures' rid of vermin occasionally.

Knucklehead said...

First, I do hope NDD gets home quickly, as the reports of very extensive flooding to come, are frightening. But that`s my perspective from the reports. I hope I`m very wrong.

The dolls I`ve had packed away for years & have no idea where I got them from.
They are back in their original boxes now, as if they`d never been removed.
I opened them for the first time yesterday, only to shoot them.
Thanks for aking the time to look at them.
I have a movie of Coconut to send you.
I`ve already cut it down to size to 24 mgs, but I`ll probably make two parts of it, to be able to send it along. (soon)

Anonymous said...

hello! i found the dollbabies...
i love the southern belle

& i like the bride best in DSCN3307... i like the glitteryness of it.

& the irish lass is lovely in DSCN3287


Knucklehead said...

Hey RiaD,
Welcome to my House Of Dolls.